Sheena + Anthony’s 1 Year Session from Ivory Door Studio | Nashville

Sheena + Anthony shared some special moments on their 1st wedding anniversary at a rental home with plenty of instruments and a warm inviting vibe. They enlisted the help of Nashville wedding photographer Ivory Door Studio who shot the couple celebrating their 1st year baking in the kitchen, playing instruments and showing off their fun personalities. Sheena even donned a vintage wedding dress especially for the shoot! Keep scrolling to see their fun photos and read Sheena’s interview!

How did you get engaged? Tell us about your proposal!

Sheena: Anthony asked me out on a date a few days prior. He picked me up and we headed to a nice restaurant. When we got there they seated us in a space that was away from everyone and dark (later I realized it was romantic lightning lol).  We had a normal dinner and discussed the work week. After dinner and a few drinks and Anthony asked if I wanted dessert. I ALWAYS want dessert but this time I said no I’ll pass. He kept asking if I was sure and finally said he was going to order cheesecake (it didn’t hit me that Anthony doesn’t eat cheesecake). I had my head down messing with my phone when the waiter came out with the cheesecake and asked if I wanted some. I said no but as I looked up at the cheesecake I saw a sparkly ring on top and told him yes, I’ll definitely take a piece. Anthony then got down on one knee and proposed.

Tell us all about your wedding!

Sheena: Our wedding was amazing! It was intimate (well for the south) with the guest list at about 115. We got married at a music school. The venue was beautiful and didn’t require much. Before I walked down the aisle I had a video of me playing where I welcomed the guests. It was similar to fight attendant video. We wrote our vows. I vowed my heartbeat to Anthony and even had a stethoscope while reading the vows. After the ceremony we had the traditional first dances and dances with our mothers. We then got the party started and danced the night away.

What aspect of being married has surprised you the most?

Sheena: The level of hard work it takes. You don’t get a break from marriage. It’s the most amazing ride you’ve ever been on but it’s not free to ride. 

What have you most enjoyed about being married?

Sheena: Always having someone by my side. Life throws a lot at you both good and bad so it’s awesome to have someone there to share every experience. 

Tell us about your session. Where did it take place?

Sheena: We booked a house to shoot our session. I wanted to wear something vintage so I was able to find a beautiful vintage wedding dress from Goodwill for $10. We wanted a classic lifestyle feel. It was an added bonus that the house had several instruments for us to pretend play. For our second look we went for a playful look in the kitchen. The house I selected to take pictures felt warm and welcoming. It looked inviting and we wanted to invite others into our “home” lol.

What did you like most about the session?

Sheena: It was great reconnecting with our photographers. There wasn’t any pressure this time like I felt while taking engagement. This felt fun and no pressure and I think that came across in the pictures.

Sheena! Thank you so much for sharing your 1 year anniversary photos with us – and congrats! You can check out more on this Nashville wedding photographer Ivory Door Studio online and also on Instagram!


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