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Soft Pink Clementine Hall Wedding

When two musicians get married, you know you’re going to be in for a good time. That’s exactly how it was for Mignon and Jaxon’s Nashville wedding day. Their soft pink Clementine Hall wedding started at Scarritt Bennett where the two exchanged vows and had a ceremony filled with such moving music, before heading to celebrate with friends and family. Their reception was filled with muted tones of pink and cream bringing such elegance, while their dance floor was filled upbeat music by the Downtown Band, laughter and smiles, and a whole lot of dancing! We’re also a huge fan of the meaningful touches that were incorporated into the decor and throughout the day. See more of what the day entailed in these stunning images by Through Victoria’s Lens.

Mignon + Jaxon


Scarritt Bennett + Clementine Hall

Guests ~ 180

Budget: $30,000 – $40,000

How did you guys meet?

Mignon: Jaxon and I met our freshman year at Belmont University. I was selected to perform in a show called Country Showcase and needed student musicians for my band. A mutual friend helped me put the band together and put Jaxon in as my guitarist! We met in January 2013 and were dating by March.

Tell us about your engagement!

Mignon: We got engaged while filming the music video for my song “If You Ain’t There” on July 28th, 2018. The idea for the video was to feature clips from our real relationship and show that I truly don’t want to be anywhere without Jaxon. The ending scene was just supposed to be Jaxon “driving up to the rooftop and joining the party.” After Jaxon suggested we shoot the take one more time, he poured out his heart and proposed to me in front of the camera and all our friends. He even arranged for our families to surprise me and walk up while the proposal was happening! It was very surreal. Over 5 years in the making. We decided we HAD to keep our engagement in the music video – what better way to showcase our real love story than our surprise proposal on a rooftop overlooking Nashville. (Sad note: we got engaged on the roof of the Vista Germantown Apartments – since taken by the Nashville tornado.

What was the vision for your wedding?

Mignon: We knew we wanted to have a very muted, natural color palette with pops of shades of pink. We wanted a very classic, elegant, soft wedding ceremony and then a fun, entertaining, PARTY-like reception.

What details were used to create your theme?

Mignon: Our florals were GORGEOUS. I kinda let my florist do whatever she wanted. I knew I wanted a natural color scheme with pops of soft pink. I definitely knew I wanted those creamy, muted pink roses incorporated (I think they are called Quicksand Roses?). They are my favorite! We also wanted to incorporate some music themed decor, without it getting too cheesy. For our guest book we used Vinyl Records and had Jaxon’s sister (she’s a graphic designer) create custom labels for the records. Jaxon also designed custom guitar picks that were at each place setting for our guests to take home, as a little momento from the night.

Since music is very important to us as a couple, we knew we HAD to make sure every musical selection and decision would be incredible. Two days before our wedding, we played a “Wedding Weekend Welcome Party” show at The Basement. The place was packed with our wedding guests, family, and friends who came in early to experience a full weekend in Nashville. It was so much fun and a great way to welcome and introduce our out-of-town guests to Music City! In the ceremony, we included special songs such as How Great Thou Art and The Prayer, sung by our close friends and my brother, instead of standard readings. We had a string trio play along with our groomsmen Kevin on piano for those songs^ and every song up and down the aisle. At our reception, our friends performed our first dance song “When You Fall In Love” (Andrew Ripp), and then the amazing Downtown Band performed for the rest of the night. Hands down the best wedding entertainment in Nashville!

Where did you splurge? Where did you save/DIY?

Mignon: We definitely splurged on our reception entertainment because a live band was so important to us. Being two musicians from Belmont, our standards were set pretty high! Downtown Band definitely exceeded every expectation and they were so professional to work with. I would say everything else was the price we kind of expected. We tried to pick vendors that weren’t the most expensive, but still top notch to us. We saved on quite a lot I think – or at least tried to! Since Clementine has a BYOB policy, we purchased all our liquor and wine from Total Wine in Knoxville, TN. Total Wine has hands down the best prices for bulk alcohol. We bought all of our pillar candles from IKEA after researching who had the best price. They can add up fast, if you plan on decking out your wedding in candles! And a lot of the small touches and details were DIY – including the vinyl record guest book, the welcome/thank you cards at each place setting, the custom guitar picks, gifts for our bridesmaids & groomsmen, our seating chart, and so much more. For our table numbers, Jaxon even cut wooden blocks, sanded and stained them while I (very carefully) painted on the numbers in a gold paint pen.

What words of advice do you have for couples in the midst of their planning?

Mignon: Don’t rush jumping into it! Take your time because you’ll change your mind about things. If you have a long engagement, maybe set one big task a month. Also, pick three things about the day/night that are really important to you. That’s where you’ll want to splurge (if you can). AND know that everything always comes together in the end. Once your wedding weekend hits, drop everything else & just ENJOY! You’re not gonna worry about the little things day-of because you’ll be too happy and won’t care at that point!

Can you share any special moments or highlights from your wedding day?

Mignon: Honestly, the whole day was a highlight but I’ll try to get specific. 🙂 My brother singing “The Prayer” in English and Italian during our ceremony was one of the highlights for sure. He is a senior in highschool and is an opera singer! He blew everyone away and even made ME cry! (And I’ve heard him sing 1,000 times). Our sweet sweet 2-year old nephew who pulled our flower girl (10-month old niece) down the aisle in a wagon was definitely a proud moment. He threw a toddler tantrum literally seconds before going down the aisle, but pulled it together and had the biggest smile as he walked & pulled the wagon! It was the cutest thing. Again, the BAND at our reception brought the ultimate party! I’ve always dreamed of a reception where everyone was party dancing on the dance floor the whole night – AND IT HAPPENED!

I changed out of my wedding dress and into my “going-away” dress in the last hour of the reception. The hot pink mini dress I wore used to be a long evening gown that my mother wore in the 90’s. I knew I wanted to incorporate a vintage piece, so we altered it into a mini-dress for more of a fun, party vibe. It was a highlight for me because it was HOT dancing in my wedding gown for hours. So glad I decided to change outfits!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your wedding?

Mignon: I took bridal portraits in my grandmother’s wedding gown – which was also the dress my mother wore. I could have carried on the tradition of wearing the dress that had been worn for 2 generations, but I wanted my own. I still wanted to honor my mom & grandmother by wearing the dress somehow, so I wore it for my bridal portrait session at Scarritt Bennett 2 weeks before the wedding. At the reception on our guest book table, we displayed three frames – one of my grandmother, one of my mom, and one of me, all in the same wedding dress. It definitely was a very special and personal touch!

The only thing left I’d like to say was that our wedding day was absolutely, hands-down the best day of our lives. We’ve never felt so emotional, and that overjoyed about anything. Everything was perfect. And the small things that didn’t pan out (because there are always things that goes wrong) didn’t matter anymore. Nothing beats the feeling of marrying your best friend in front of every single other person you love and care about. We wish we could relive that day over and over, so we are so thankful for the photos and raw video footage we got. Also – we had THE BEST honeymoon in St. Lucia!!

We’re obsessed with everything about this day! And the wedding dress dress through the generations is precious and so unique. LOVE it! Thanks so much to Mignon and Jaxon for sharing their soft pink Clementine Hall wedding and to Through Victoria’s Lens for this captivating photos!


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