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Leyla + Armen’s Multicultural Wedding by Paige Brown Designs | Nashville

Incorporating culture and history into your Nashville wedding is oh so special! And I love how Leyla + Armen celebrated with a mix of Ethiopian and American culture in a 2 day wedding weekend! Food and decor were on the top of their splurge list and it definitely shows in these incredible photos! Paige Brown Designs showcased her talents and created an upscale, luxurious and glamorous look to their wedding reception at Global Event Center. The extravagant draping details, white and pink florals everywhere you turned, and sequin and rosette linen to add some extra glam gave the couples’ guests a major wow-factor! Keep scrolling to see all the glam and read all about the wedding from bride, Leyla’s perspective!

Leyla + Armen

Global Event Center


350 Guests


Leyla: We were visiting Nashville (the city where we met) for one of my close friend’s weddings. The day after the wedding my husband told me we were going to brunch with a few friends and I’m always down for that so I was pretty excited. Once we arrived to brunch, the hostess walked us to the back. She then pulled back some curtains and all of my good friends/family were seated. I was a little shocked but thought nothing of it. Then I noticed some friends from out of town who were also there and I looked at my husband in confusion while tears were coming down my face. He then went on and read a poem that he had written long ago (prior to even meeting me) about what qualities he wanted in his future wife and said that I fulfilled all of those wants/needs. It was the sweetest thing ever and I was so glad it happened in Nashville since that is where we met. 

Leyla: I just knew I wanted gold and ivory to be the main colors of the reception. I wanted it to look elegant without being too stuffy and very modern chic. 

Leyla: We splurged on decor and food. I wish I had the option to DIY some things but since we do not live in Nashville anymore, it was hard trying to do much while I was in another state. I’m so thankful for our awesome planner Paige for everything because she really brought our vision to life despite us being in another state. 

Leyla: My advice would be to stick to a budget (its tough but very doable), do exactly what you want (its your day!), and most importantly enjoy one another… leave all worries and stress behind on this magical day!

Leyla: The most memorable part of my wedding was seeing two cultures collide in such a beautiful way. My husband is from Philadelphia and I am from Ethiopia. We had the DJ play American music as well as Ethiopian music and to see everyone enjoying both was truly my favorite part of both nights! Not to mention we served both soul food as well as Ethiopian food. I’m so glad we did both because it was such a hit!

Leyla: We actually had a two day reception. The first day was the American reception (tux and white dress) and the second day was the Ethiopian reception where we dressed in traditional Ethiopian garb. 

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful wedding photos with us, Paige! And thank you Leyla for sharing all about your day! You can check out Paige Brown Designs here online and also be sure to follow her over on Instagram


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