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Fun & Romantic Wedding at The Loveless Barn

If ever there was a wedding that screamed GOALS it would be Caroline and Ben’s fun and romantic wedding at The Loveless Barn. They set the scene of the rainy fall day with such elegance including the warmth of candlelight and large blooms making their reception a dream. Additionally their style could not be more perfect with Caroline’s gown stealing the show and Ben’s look complete with modern loafers. And y’all…not only is the decor and style straight up magic, but their energy is contagious. Their love is so playful and they know how to have some fun! Once you see these photos by Brooke Taelor, you’ll see just what we’re talking about!

Caroline + Ben


The Loveless Barn

Tell us about the proposal!

Caroline: Our dating anniversary is December 4th and back in 2018, we totally forgot about it. We instead remembered to celebrate on Monday, December 10th. I made a reservation for us that night at our favorite restaurant, Hillstone, on Park Ave in NYC. A little sidebar about Hillstone, when I say “favorite restaurant’ that’s an understatement, we ate there sometimes 2-3 times a week and a former colleague of Ben’s got him a T-shirt that read “Ben Turk King of Hillstone” in a company secret Santa a few years prior. Since we’d been living together it became my favorite pajama shirt. Before we left the apartment to walk a few brisk New York winter blocks to our favorite spot, Ben threw a wrench in the plan, “hey, we totally forgot to celebrate the last night of Hanukah!” I grew up Catholic and Ben grew up Jewish, we love sharing our traditions and always celebrated the eight nights of Hanukah with a candle lighting and exchanging a gift or two. He had one gift left. As I unwrapped a t-shirt that read, “Caroline Turk, Queen of Hillstone” I hardly knew what was happening. I looked over, frozen and he was on his knee. It was perfect. I wanted to just stay in and make our calls, but Ben encouraged us to keep our reservation, have a few hours alone before we told the world. We stepped through the doors of the restaurant and were greeted by our closest friends. It was perfect in every way. He knocked it out of the park. 

Describe your preparation for the big day!

Caroline: One of my favorite moments of wedding planning was buying my wedding dress, a Rime Arodaky from the Dress Theory Nashville. My Maid and Matron of Honor and my mom all joined me for the weekend in Nashville and it was just so special. I got to show them around my new home and we even went out to Loveless Café for dinner. That day at The Dress Theory, putting on my dress and seeing their faces set everything into motion for me.  

Beyond that, lists, timelines, meetings, the usual stuff that goes into preparing for the ug day but, Ben and I made a commitment to do our best and enjoy every moment. Early in the planning process we made a conscious decision to partner with vendors that were like-minded, pleasant and just, got us. People we wanted to be around, that we could laugh at ourselves with. And truly, that made all the difference in the stressful weeks and days ahead of the big day. And on the day itself! 

How would you describe everything about the day?

Flawless, fun and unforgettable. Loveless was such a special venue for us and with a guest list of so many out-of-towners, it was the perfect place to give our guests a real taste of Nashville. I’ll never forget walking into the barn for the first time that day. Months of planning and renderings and imagining came true and it was more beautiful than anything I’d ever have imagined. 

Everyone I’ve spoken to since that day has said that the room was just filled with so much love. From some giggles in our ceremony, to our goofy (but awesome) first dance, and in looking back at the pictures and videos…Ben and I are smiles from ear to ear, and I’m so happy to say that our guests were too. That is what means the most to us, we were able to share our love with everyone we hold so dear. 

What was your inspiration for planning?

Caroline: Prior to our wedding Ben and I had attended a whopping 17 weddings as guests over the years. We drew inspiration from each one of those and had a great sense of likes/dislikes from what we’d seen over the years. 

What were your wedding colors?

Caroline: White and hunter green with touches of soft pink (an homage to the sister of the bride and the mother of the groom- both Breast Cancer survivors). We worked in lots of greenery and candles. Just light and white. 

Describe your wedding style.

Caroline: Nashville chic, black tie in a barn! 

What season did you wedding take place?

Caroline: A rainy fall day but gorgeous for color. 

Tell us about the special moments from the day!

Caroline: In the Jewish faith, it’s a marriage custom to sign a Ketubah, which is a marital contract typically signed by the couple, the Rabbi, and witnesses.  We had our ketubah designed by a local artist, Katie Madden Fine Art, and customized the text. Prior to the ceremony, we had our entire wedding party and parents in the loft at Loveless for the signing. The Rabbi explained the tradition and spoke beautifully about the symbolic joining of our families as the ceremony musicians played in the background. There was not a single dry eye. It was so special and the perfect moment prior to walking down the aisle.  

Describe your song choices.

Caroline: We both grew up in very musical families and curated the ceremony music ourselves and had some very specific choices!  

God only knows (the Beach Boys), Somewhere over the Rainbow, instrumental “Love on the Brain” for the bridesmaids, instrumental “Boys are Back in Town” for the groomsmen, “Golden Slumbers” for the Bride and her dad

Our first dance was to “Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith, yes, the song from Armageddon. We always loved that song and loved the corniness of it. When we made the move from NYC to Nashville together, this song came on the radio in the last hour of the drive. As the sun came up over the hills, I started to cry, thinking about our new life together. That sealed the deal.  Plus, it’s a TOTAL crowd pleaser. 

How was Loveless Events involved in your wedding? 

Caroline: A few years ago, we attended a Rehearsal Dinner at the Barn and fell in love with the space. When we got engaged, it was the first place we thought of. From the moment we reached out to Jennifer, everything was perfectly executed. Jennifer advised us on spacing, layout, tenting, setup etc. and how to really maximize space for a guest list of 270. She helped us curate a family-style dinner menu that was a true taste of Nashville (to this day we hear that our wedding had the best food, from many of our guests). Every question we had, she had an answer to, an answer that was smart and exactly in line with our vision. The Loveless team was such a pleasure to work with. Loveless itself was a main character on our wedding day. It’s gorgeous, historic and truly a Nashville icon. It was our honor to kick off our married life there having both the ceremony and reception at the Barn. 

What advice do you have for future couples who are planning their weddings? 

Caroline: Figure out your non-negotiables as a couple before anyone else enters the planning process. 

Partner with people who you enjoy working with, people you’d like to have a beer with (and you should!)

Take a moment on the day to just be. Look around at everyone who loves you and who you love in the same room, it’s so powerful. 

Thanks so much to Caroline and Ben for sharing their fun and romantic wedding at The Loveless Barn with us and to Brooke Taelor for these amazing photos!


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