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Quaint Vintage Wedding at McConnell House

Intimate, cozy, and so romantic, Hannah and Lee’s quaint vintage wedding at McConnell House is going to take your breathe away. While the details are effortlessly “them”, it’s the genuine connection between the pair that has our hearts beaming with joy. With the help of Christian of Wild Fern Weddings (who is also to thank for this incredible video of their day), Hannah was able to implement a meaningful nod toward their relationship; a record player. Allowing the two to share a full-circle moment and one that allows you to see the authenticity through these stunning photos by Caitlin Steva Photography. There’s so much to say and yet we can’t find the words so we’ll just let these images and well-curated video do all the talking. Believe us when we say, you’re in for a treat!

Hannah + Lee

McConnell House ~ Franklin, TN


Guests ~ 50

From Christian of Wild Fern Weddings: Hannah & Lee had their wedding at the historic McConnell house in Franklin, TN. Hannah mentioned that early in their relationship, Lee came over to her place and they danced to a record. She wanted to find a way to incorporate this into the film so I went out the morning of her wedding and bought a record player to use in her film!

Tell us about your vision.

Hannah: To have a beautiful and memorable wedding where we felt celebrated, and also that our entire families were included and celebrated as well. We have very large, blended families on both sides. We also wanted to keep it pretty simple and not make it into the most elaborate party ever. Just a good old fashioned gathering and a good reason to have all of your friends and family come together!

What was their theme and what inspired it?

Hannah: I’m not really sure how to answer that. I am not good with design, and I love so many different things/styles/vibes, but I’d say this isn’t a super formal wedding, and we like some old school/vintage (southern) touches. We care more about the people around us than the pageantry.

Tell us about you two as a couple.

Hannah: We are both Franklin natives who grew up in neighborhoods next to each other but didn’t meet until about 3 years ago! They were introduced when Hannah was bartending Lee’s father’s birthday party, and the rest is history.

What details were used to create the theme?

Hannah: The venue is actually a historic building that served originally as a jail. It’s got beautiful old brick, wood, and some iron detailing. It actually feels like an old house with fireplaces. Navy, red, and gold were used to accent everything with the florals and place settings, along with some lanterns and other cozy, laidback details.

Can you share any special moments or highlights of your wedding day?

Hannah: Our wedding day was a pivot from the original plan due to the pandemic. Even though it didn’t pan out as we had hoped, it was better than we could have imagined! It was so special to have an intimate group of immediate family and close friends with us. The day literally turned out perfectly and felt so special! We really appreciated our photographer and videographer, capturing every special moment and going the distance for us. Everything about the wedding felt like us.

Did you have any special requests or unique challenges that you had to work together to overcome?

Christian of Wild Fern Weddings: Hannah requested that a record player be incorporated into her film; however, she had damaged hers before the wedding. I went to Target the morning of the wedding and bought a new one, while she brought records that she and Lee enjoyed with their own record player. She talked about how early in their relationship, Lee came over, and they danced to a record in her living room, so I wanted to recreate that somehow on their wedding day. I ended up filming them while they enjoyed a few moments dancing in the bridal suite to the record player and used that shot to incorporate that part of their story in their film!

Can y’all even handle how gorgeous this day is?! Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations Hannah and Lee! Huge thanks to Wild Fern Weddings for sharing their quaint vintage wedding at McConnell House with us.


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