Plus Size Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry w/ Shafonne Myers of Pretty Pear Bride


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Hello, hello, and welcome to The Wedding Reporter Podcast! Today, I’m thrilled to have with us Shafonne Myers, a powerhouse in the wedding industry and my personal business coach. Shafonne is the visionary behind Pretty Pear Bride, the world’s only site dedicated to plus-size brides, and the CEO of a leading wedding media company, Aisle Society. With over 20 wedding publications under her belt, Shafonne’s expertise in online marketing, personal branding, PR, and sales has facilitated multimillion-dollar launches and generated over $20 million in revenue.

Shafonne’s journey into the wedding industry began as a planner, where she naturally attracted plus-size clients who saw themselves reflected in her. This realization was pivotal for Shafonne, leading her to create Pretty Pear Bride in 2011. The goal was simple yet profound: to provide bridal imagery that plus-size brides could relate to, something she sorely missed during her own wedding in 2004. The absence of representation in bridal magazines fueled her mission to make every bride feel seen and celebrated.

The OG of Plus Size Inclusivity in the Wedding Industry

Over the years, Shafonne has become a champion for plus-size inclusivity, often hailed as the OG of this movement in the wedding industry. She has seen a significant shift since her early days, with more designers and bridal salons offering plus-size options. Brands like Pronovias and Maggie Sottero now extend their collections to include plus sizes, which is a promising step towards greater inclusivity.

Plus-Size Inclusivity

However, Shafonne stresses that there is still a long way to go. Many bridal salons are yet to fully embrace plus-size inclusivity, which is why Shafonne continues to advocate for the availability of extended sizes in all salons. She emphasizes that inclusivity should not mean segregation; plus-size brides should not be relegated to separate sections but should have the same shopping experience as any other bride.

Plus-Size Collaborations

Shafonne’s collaborations with various designers and her ownership of the brand Ella and Oak demonstrate her commitment to this cause. She envisions Ella and Oak as the high-end Fashion Nova for plus-size brides, offering curve-hugging designs that celebrate the body rather than conceal it. This vision is about empowering brides to feel confident and beautiful on their special day.

Shopping Experience

The wedding dress shopping experience is a deeply personal and often vulnerable journey. According to Shafonne, it begins long before a bride steps into a salon. Brides, particularly plus-size brides, look for salons that showcase imagery they can relate to. Therefore, it’s crucial for bridal salons to include diverse representations in their marketing materials.

Pre-Appointment Consults

Shafonne also advises bridal salons to engage with brides before their appointments. This pre-appointment interaction can involve discussing styles, sharing Pinterest boards, and understanding the bride’s preferences. Such proactive engagement makes brides feel valued and comfortable, enhancing their overall shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of making a sale.

Embracing Change

Shafonne’s insights and experiences underscore the importance of inclusivity in the wedding industry. Her work with Pretty Pear Bride and her continued advocacy for plus-size brides have created a movement that is slowly but surely transforming the industry. As more designers and salons embrace this change, the dream of a truly inclusive wedding industry becomes more attainable.

For more inspiring stories and expert advice, stay tuned to The Wedding Reporter Podcast. And remember, every bride deserves to feel beautiful and seen, regardless of size.

Show Notes

Shafonne Myers, the founder of Pretty Pear Bride, discusses her journey in the wedding industry and the importance of plus-size inclusivity. She shares her experience as a plus-size bride and how it inspired her to create a platform for other plus-size brides. Shafonne highlights the progress that has been made in offering plus-size options in wedding dress collections and the need for more size-inclusive bridal salons. She also talks about her collaborations with designers and her vision for her own line of curve-hugging dresses. Shafonne emphasizes the importance of making brides feel comfortable and seen throughout their wedding dress shopping experience.

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