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Planning a Long Distance Wedding w/Abi + Dallas – Wedding Report

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Welcome to The Wedding Reporter Podcast! I’m Alyssa DiCicco, your host. Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with Abi and Dallas, a wonderful couple who recently celebrated six months of marriage. They now live in Portland, Oregon, but their love story began in Nashville, Tennessee. Their relationship timeline and wedding planning journey were anything but traditional, and they are here to share all the details.

How They Met

Abi and Dallas met at work, at an animal hospital, where their friendship blossomed into love. A memorable night spent talking until 3 a.m. during a thunderstorm marked the beginning of their deep connection. Six months into dating, Dallas asked Abi’s mother for permission to propose. He planned a surprise proposal during a birthday trip to Sedona, Arizona.

The Proposal

The proposal day was filled with delightful surprises. Dallas took Abi to the butterfly gardens, followed by a picnic planned with Abi’s mother’s help. Despite some nervous moments and suspicious behavior from Dallas, the picnic turned out to be the perfect setup for a proposal. Dallas got down on one knee amidst the stunning red rocks of Sedona, with a hidden photographer capturing the magical moment. Abi was completely surprised, especially since Dallas had cleverly thrown her off the scent earlier by claiming they weren’t ready for an engagement yet.

Wedding Planning

After getting engaged, Abi and Dallas began planning their wedding. They decided to hold the ceremony in Nashville to be close to their families. A couple of months after the engagement, they traveled to Nashville to tour venues and shop for a wedding dress. They were drawn to a minimalistic venue that included tables, chairs, and setup assistance, making it an easy choice for their big day.

Planning a Long Distance Wedding

Wedding planning continued with selecting a photographer and videographer, a task made simpler as they found a team who worked well together. They appreciated the venue’s in-house wedding planners, which streamlined many aspects of their preparations. However, planning from across the country posed challenges, particularly in choosing a caterer. Since they were in Oregon and the wedding was in Tennessee, they relied on family members to conduct taste tests. Their persistence paid off as they secured a caterer willing to provide a delicious breakfast menu, a unique twist they both desired for their wedding.

Abi and Dallas’ wedding planning journey highlights the importance of flexibility and creativity. They managed long-distance planning by making smart choices and leaning on family support. Their story is a testament to the fact that with love and determination, any challenge can be overcome.

Life After the Wedding

Now happily married, Abi and Dallas enjoy their life in Portland. Abi loves grandma-core hobbies like latch hooking, diamond art, and crocheting, while Dallas is a professional dog trainer specializing in aggressive and anxious dogs. Together, they dream of owning a farm where they can grow their own food and provide a safe haven for rescued animals. They also dabble in couples modeling, enjoying the creativity of different photographers.

Their story is an inspiration to couples everywhere, showing that a unique and personal approach to love and wedding planning can lead to a truly memorable and beautiful journey. We’re so glad they could join us today and share their incredible story. Stay tuned for more heartwarming and inspiring stories on The Wedding Reporter podcast!

Show Notes

Abi and Dallas share their unique wedding story, from their non-traditional relationship timeline to their creative and personalized wedding planning process. They met at work and instantly hit it off, leading to a proposal during a picnic in Sedona, Arizona. The couple had a longer engagement due to being across the country, but they visited Nashville to tour venues and plan their special day. They chose a minimalistic venue, 14TENN, that required minimal decor, and they incorporated their love for thrifting and DIY by finding unique items for their wedding. Abby wore a vintage dress, while Dallas wore a custom suit. The couple’s advice for future brides and grooms is to be picky with vendors, prioritize what’s important to you, and save money by thrifting.

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