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Parris + Travis Stork of The Doctors Intimate Nashville Wedding

Four weeks. That’s how long Parris and Travis Stork of The Doctors took to plan their Nashville wedding. Looking at the timeframe would be enough to cause major stress, but their beautiful day proved that you can in fact make it happen! Laid-back and intimate, it all came together with the help of wedding planner, Kasey Schaffer. With the historic atmosphere of Alabaster Collective combined with the delicate boho details and soft color palette, you’re sure to swoon at these images by Gina Petersen Photography. Enjoy the highlights of Travis Stork of The Doctors wedding below!

Parris + Travis

Alabaster Collective

Guest Count ~ 70

Budget ~ $10,000 – $20,000

How did you guys meet?

Parris: Travis and I met in April of 2016 through our close mutual friend, Chris. Chris was actually the first friend I made when I moved to Nashville six years ago. A few years later, Chris and Travis met and became friends through work. Travis and I met randomly when I ran into Chris at Acme, a local restaurant and bar. I was with a few of my girlfriends and Chris was with Travis, who had just moved back to Nashville earlier that day. Travis and I ended up making fun of each other for about 30 minutes that night. We’re both very sarcastic and something just clicked. The next day, Travis asked Chris for my number and here we are!

What was the vision for your wedding?

Parris: Travis and I both had very busy schedules throughout our engagement, so we ended up planning our wedding in just under four weeks. Our planner and close friend, Kasey Schaffer, is a godsend. She delivered our dream wedding in under a month, and it wouldn’t have been possible without her. Given our condensed timeline, we kept our vision very simple and focused on the big picture items we cared about most. Neither of us enjoy being the center of attention. I, in particular, am extremely uncomfortable being in the “spotlight.” To ensure we were both comfortable on our wedding day, we dispensed with a lot of the traditional formalities with the goal of creating a relaxed and fun day for us and our guests.

What was your theme and what inspired it?

Parris: We found this amazing historic house that had just been restored in Germantown called Alabaster Collective. The decor is very boho and we loved the house so much that we matched the details of our wedding to fit into its design.

Where did you splurge? Where did you save/DIY?

Parris: We both wanted a small wedding, so we only invited our closest friends and immediate family members. We splurged on food and booze and saved pretty much everywhere else. Travis and I are collectively the least creative couple on the planet, so the only DIYing that took place was done by my grandma, Betty. My dad’s side of the family is Italian, and my grandma is 100% the cutest living human. She pre-made hundreds of Pizzelle cookies (a traditional Italian cookie) using a recipe that was handed down through multiple generations and flew all of them with her to Nashville for our wedding. That same Pizzelle recipe has been used for every wedding on my dad’s side of the family for as far back as we can recall, and they were a big hit – especially a few drinks in. It warmed my heart that she made the effort to continue that tradition at my wedding. God bless my future children if I am the one tasked with making those for their weddings – a chef I am most certainly not.

What words of advice do you have for couples in the midst of their planning?

Parris: Remember that at the end of the day, the point is that you two are getting married. Make sure that your wedding is something for YOU that YOU will enjoy, rather than the wedding you think you are expected to put on. The extra fancy stuff is great and all (don’t get me wrong, I love attending a lavish wedding), but I realized through the overwhelming planning process how easy it is to quickly lose sight of the reason for all of the planning madness: to commit yourself to the person you love for the rest of your life.

Can you share any special moments or highlights from your wedding day?

Parris: It absolutely down-poured the night of our wedding. We knew it was inevitable, but it came much earlier than expected. We both LOVE the outdoors, so it was really important to us that we get married outside – this was literally the only detail we actually cared about on our wedding day. So we scrambled everyone outside and moved the wedding up by 45 minutes to beat the rain. Thankfully, our ceremony missed the rain by exactly two minutes. One of my favorite moments from our wedding day happened during our ceremony while our good friend, Mary, was singing (she has a truly incredible voice). It was really windy and the sky was super ominous because it was about to open up on us. I had my best friend, Trae, and my sister-in-law, Andrea, beside me on one side, our good friend and officiant, Julie, in the middle, and my husband on my other side and we were all just hysterically laughing. I just remember feeling really lucky in that moment to be surrounded by so much happiness and love even though it was about to be a drenched wedding dress situation. This moment is captured in a lot of photos where I just look like a crazy person staring up at the sky and laughing.

How romantic! And we couldn’t agree more with the advice Parris shared. Huge thank you to her and her new hubby Travis Stork of The Doctors for sharing their Nashville wedding at Alabaster Collective with us!

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