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Wedding invitations are your guests' first impression of your wedding. And this is why having a great stationer to work with is key! Kim with Paperkuts Studio is a great source for all things wedding paper goods. From personalized invitations to place cards to menu cards, Kim can create custom designs specific to your wants and needs for your wedding. She even created all of these gorgeous invitations, place cards + menu cards for our greenery themed table scape on Today in Nashville! But here's where it gets a little tricky with invitations and paper goods – pricing. How much should you be spending on your invitations? Kim breaks it down and gets real with us on the numbers of how much your invitations should cost. Keep reading below to get her take on the cost of your wedding invitations…

How much do you recommend couples spending on wedding stationery? 

Kim: That is the top question from brides as they begin their search for wedding invitations – and it's the hardest to answer! The statistics show that the average wedding costs around $30,000 and your budget should be 2-3% for stationery. That’s $600-$900 and yes, that’s a lot of money, but most often, not enough. Realistically, you should budget 4-8% or more and that’s $1,500-$1,800 based on the average wedding cost.

What are the must have stationery pieces for a wedding? (Save the dates, invites, RSVPs, thank you notes, etc.)

Kim: The must haves for your wedding invitation suite are two items: your invitation and RSVP. But it totally depends on your vision. Most brides will send save the dates about a year in advance, especially if they are planning a destination wedding or expect a lot of out of town guests.  From there, you can add a reception card, accommodations card, directions card, website card, etc.  Along with your invitation and RSVP, the next must have is your thank you cards.  Order early and have them available as you receive gifts.  This will lighten the load!

How can couples save money on their wedding stationery?

Kim: As always, your invitation sets the tone for your wedding. Couples can save money by setting a realistic budget and assessing their needs. Ensuring your guest list is accurate and  confirming that the information on the invitation is correct (location, time, names) is crucial. The worst thing is to re-order paper because of an error like that! Also, understanding that all of those bells and whistles have a price tag associated with them is important. And if you are a DIY’er, totally go for it! 

What is your best money saving tip for couples searching for wedding stationery?

Kim: The best money saving tip is to stick with your budget. I am the classic, “Bologna budget, Caviar taste!” Invitations are like everything else, you get what you pay for. Let your stationer know what your budget is, the number of invitations that you need and what message you want to convey.  Nothing hurts my heart more than when a bride loves the caviar selection, but it isn’t within her budget. Don’t even look at those types of selections because nothing else will compare and you will never be fully satisfied.  

Any other tips/comments you may have?

Kim: Be open to ‘tweaking’ the invitation you originally found on ebay or Pinterest!  The majority of those invites are custom and custom costs money. Most of all, relax, savor the moments and enjoy!

Thanks so much for sharing all of your insight with us, Kim! Want to see more of Kim's work? Check out the Paperkuts Studio website here and also see more of her work on Instagram here!

All photos by Jenna Henderson