Meet Midtown Cork Dorks – Providing All of Your Wedding Bar Needs | Nashville Food & Beverage

If you’re looking for a spirits company to provide all of your Nashville wedding drinks, Cork Dorks is here for you! Yes, they have the best prices in town on your wedding wine, spirits, and more. Plus their exceptional service (even delivery!) will help ease you through the planning process. They’ve got you covered! Today we’ve interviewed Erika with Midtown CorkDorks on all you need to know about hiring them to provide all your bar needs on your wedding day. Take it away, Erika! 

Tell us about CorkDorks and how long you’ve been in business!

Erika: Midtown Wine & Spirits was established in 1994 and quickly became the go-to store for those working in health care along Nashville’s hospital corridor, which includes Baptist and Centennial hospitals. Because of our convenient location off the Church Street exit on I-40, downtown’s business sect began shopping Midtown, too. Then word spread to the Vanderbilt community, West End, and other neighbors who appreciate the customer service and wine knowledge offered by the Cork Dorks at Midtown.

Due to demand for a larger selection, owner Paul Patel began drawing up plans for what is now Middle Tennessee’s premier beverage and party destination – the Midtown Wine, Spirits, Beer and Cigar Complex, located at 1610 Church Street.

In 2003, Midtown expanded to 12,000 square feet. The complex now includes a large wine and spirits store (that also happens to house a huge selection of high gravity beers), as well as a beer store where customers can find every beer available in Middle Tennessee. Midtown’s beer store features a walk-in humidor stocked with cigars from around the world.

Over the years, Midtown has earned the reputation of being Nashville’s top destination for every day and collectible wines. Why? Because the staff at Midtown knows its stuff! We are wine connoisseurs and aficionados. We advise collectors and educate novices. For years, Midtown has hosted the most interesting and special wine events in Nashville. From the ABC’s of Tasting to in-depth seminars on food pairing, California Cabernet, Bordeaux, Tuscany, grape varietals, and more, the staff at Midtown Wine & Spirits has a good relationship with the suppliers and the winemakers who make it happen.

Then, there is our infatuation with single malt scotches, rare bourbons, trendy vodkas, and – of course – Tennessee’s one and only Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. There isn’t a liquor available in Middle Tennessee that you can’t get at Midtown!

Midtown is also Middle Tennessee’s beer haven of choice because whether you prefer high-gravity specialty beers or those “specialty” beers made in Milwaukee, we stock them all. We also carry all the mixers, ice, and premium cigars you need. So, come by Midtown Wine & Spirits to experience why we are Middle Tennessee’s premier destination for wine, spirits, beer, and cigars. And if you happen to need any validation, consult the Nashville Scene or any other reader’s poll; they will tell you Midtown Wine & Spirits is Nashville’s BEST wine and spirits store for many years running! In 2016, Midtown Wine & Spirits became Midtown Corkdorks and we expanded our brand with our Green Hills Corkdorks location.

What are your strengths compared to other spirits providers?

Erika: We have a very knowledgeable staff that can not only pair your bar to your menu but also estimate the amount needed for your bar. We also have the best pricing in Middle Tennessee with the best selection!

What attracts couples to book Midtown CorkDorks for their wedding?

Erika: I would say we attract more caterers and planners who are helping their brides get the best bar for the best price. 

What are some trends you’re seeing in weddings today that couples would appreciate?

Erika: We have the best selection of wine, beer and spirits in Middle Tennessee. If this is your wedding destination and you are looking to bring a little taste of your hometown with you – chances are we can get it for you and your special day!!

Erika – thanks a bunch for sharing all about CorkDorks with us! You can book your Nashville wedding drinks with Erika here. And also be sure to check out the latest wine & spirits selection over on Instagram! 


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