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Meet Meghan Melia Photography: Capturing the Moments In Between

Inspired by capturing the most beautiful wedding portraits, but more important the moments in between, meet local wedding photographer Meghan Melia Photography. Authenticity and emotion is what you’ll find image after image with this talent behind the lens. That’s when you know it’s good! Learn more about this creative and her work in the interview below!

Tell us about Meghan Melia Photography + how long you’ve been in business.

Meghan: I have been photographing weddings since 2012 and do the current majority of business in the Midwest as well as the northern and southern east coasts.

How did you get started in weddings?

Meghan: I truly had zero intentions of documenting weddings when I first picked up a camera. Almost exactly seven years ago a close family friend asked me to photograph their wedding and I was completely terrified. Following that a few more friends asked and then that turned into distant acquaintances reaching out and then complete strangers. It blows my mind every year when I have to close my calendar and I am incredibly thankful to spend my days creating in the midst of connection and love.

What’s the philosophy behind Meghan Melia Photography?

Meghan: To make people cry. Joking, sort of. But my genuine goal as photographer is for a person looking at one of my photographs to feel it in their guts. To preserve a moment in time so that even those who weren’t present can live every emotion, imagine the way the air smelled, or the sound of the music, for decades to come. I spend a lot of time acting as a witness to life’s very best memories and I see that as a tremendous honor.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Meghan: I’m not sure I feel comfortable comparing because I believe that wedding photography is art and that art is subjective. I have a lot of admiration and respect for my fellow creatives and if I am unavailable or not the best fit for a couple I am forever committed to introducing them to other awesome folks in the industry. I will however share what I feel my strengths are as an artist in the words of my past couples.

“Meghan has an innate talent for capturing weddings and the unique love that each couple has for each other. She is able to capture the real emotions, the raw love, and the in-the-moment happiness that allows you to look back and remember exactly what you felt like on your wedding day.”

“Meghan takes seriously beautiful images that capture the magic and feeling of the moment. Her images speak for themselves. What is a little harder to get a sense for through her portfolio is just how personable, professional, and delightful she is. Meghan put my husband and I completely at ease. She did not micromanage movements with put your hand here or look over there, but rather orchestrated moments.”

“Meghan is probably the best decision we made for our wedding. She exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to look at these photos time and time again. We loved the motion and depth of her shots, the photos place us right in the middle of the experience, allowing us to relive that moment. At the risk of going too far, we would just like to finish by saying that she is the shit.”

What attracts couples to Meghan Melia Photography (+ describe that couple!)?

Meghan: One of the reoccurring pieces of feedback that I hear from inquiring couples is that they choose to contact me because of how real and authentic the images feel. That they get emotional looking at the galleries of strangers and that is truly one of the highest compliments. I will say that I am an advocate of love equality and strive to work with individuals of all backgrounds and sexual orientation. As for describing my clientele I would say that the couples I have the honor of working with care less about the details and more about the connection to the people around them.

What is the most innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that brides and grooms might appreciate? (Think trends, major changes, etc.)

Meghan: I am definitely seeing an increase in couples that are putting the focus of a wedding day back on them. They are spending more time with just each other, skipping out on having a wedding party, and letting go of old and irrelevant traditions. More value is being put on documentation which I personally feel is the greatest investment. Regardless of the style or size of wedding one thing I always encourage couples to do is to take 30 seconds at some point in the evening to find each other, embrace, take a few deep breaths, to look at each other and around the room at all of the people celebrating them. To take it all in and make a permanent mental picture of how that 30 seconds feels. This might not be the most appropriate answer for this section, but these are the changes and trends that I feel are important and won’t make us cringe in a couple of decades.

These photos are insanely good! And if that wasn’t enough, the reviews from Meghan’s past clients speak volumes! Huge thank you to Meghan Melia Photography for sharing with us!


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