Meet John Myers Photography & Videography

I’ve got quite the interview for you today! It’s with Nashville wedding photographer and videographer John Myers Photography! John’s love for photography came out of photographing his own family and now he captures hundreds of family weddings every year. His laid-back personality shines through to make your wedding day as stress-free as possible. You can be rest assured that John + his team will deliver exceptionally personalized photos and video to you when all is said and done. So let’s get to it, shall we? Scroll down to learn more about John Myers Photography + Videography!

Tell us about John Myers Photography + Videography and how long you’ve been in business?

John: We are a team of wedding photographers and videographers that capture weddings in Nashville and beyond. We love telling the story of the couple while documenting the big and small moments of their day. We’ve been photographing and filming weddings for 6 years.

How did you get started in weddings?

John: I took a film class in high school and really loved the artistic look of images and creating something you could create with your own eyes. I never really fully committed to it until my son was born. We had taken newborn photos with him and our new family and I realized that I wanted to take more. So I bought a camera and the obsession began. First, I started off taking photos for friends and family for free to learn and grow which manifested itself into getting paid sessions. I knew I wanted to try a wedding and eventually got the opportunity from a friend and from there I was hooked. I completely focused on weddings after that and here we are documenting hundreds of weddings a year for our couples.

What’s the philosophy behind John Myers Photography + Videography?

John: Our philosophy is delivering amazing images and films that are true to the couple. If the couple is fun and wild then we won’t deliver them drab moody photos that don’t represent who they are. We get to know the couple and find out what they like and what kind of human beings they are and to each other and capture the wedding day that they are proud of.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

John: We’re not type A personalities. We won’t stress the couple out on the wedding day over timelines and details. We know how important the wedding day and experience is to them so we do whatever we can to make the day as carefree as possible while still managing expectations of getting our job done.

What attracts couples to book with John Myers Photography + Videography?

John: Couples love our personality and laid-back but upbeat personality on a wedding day.  We love to have fun and laugh because weddings are a celebration of them. We love capturing the moments of the day as they unfold and delivering all the big and small events that occur. Our couples hire us because of our reputation for being personable and delivering quality photos and films. Our couples are ones who just want to relax and enjoy the day and know that we’re going to slay their wedding day.

What is the most innovative new trend or style you’ve seen lately that couples would appreciate?

John: Brides and grooms appreciate our style of images where we don’t get caught up in trendy editing styles that will look outdated in a year or two. Instead we take a modern approach to capturing/editing the day and images that in 10 years won’t make people cringe because of the latest preset/filter was applied. For example, the greenery in images shouldn’t be neon or dead, but instead full of accurate colors and life.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your business, John Myers Photography?

John: We offer both wedding photo and video services that can be booked together or separately.  Often times we’re just the photographers or just the videographers and we love that. We’re just appreciative of the opportunity to be part of one of the biggest day of their lives.

John – wow! Thank you so much for sharing all about your Nashville wedding photography + videography business! You can check out more on John Myers Photography HERE. And also be sure to follow all of his amazingness over on Instagram!


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