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Makeup by Katie-Laine is Now Indigo Beauty Collective

After reflecting on her wedding hair and makeup brand, Makeup by Katie-Laine decided to make a change that showcases exactly what her and her team are about. Together they now go by Indigo Beauty Collective, a name that is the perfect fit for them for so many ways. See what they are most excited about with this change and learn more about their services that they offer below!

We are so excited about the name change! What is the meaning behind the name?

Katie-Laine: Indigo is a lovely, earthy word with deep history and meaning. I love the richness and depth of the color indigo and have felt drawn to the various connotations of the word. From a color psychology perspective, indigo is powerful and dignified; it conveys integrity and deep sincerity. The name Indigo Beauty Collective feels earthy, luxurious, and collaborative, to me.

Why did you decide to rebrand your business now?

Katie-Laine: I consider it more an extension of my brand than a true rebrand. I will continue to work under my personal name, but have created Indigo Beauty Collective to include my talented bridal + event team. Expanding in this way made a lot of sense to me. Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with really amazing makeup artists and hairstylists. When I started my freelance business 4 years ago, it was a natural fit to build a team of artists that I trust, admire, and rely on. As my team and business have continued to expand, I wanted to focus less on what I was bringing to the table and focus more on the collaborative energy of my team. This also gives us the opportunity to match artists and clients together for a really perfect fit, which we’re thrilled about!

Are there any new changes with your wedding beauty business?

Katie-Laine: I have always believed that makeup + hair styling should empower us to feel like the most polished, radiant version of ourselves. I’ve also personally been a clean beauty enthusiast for some time now. But we want to take things even deeper to consider the impact beauty has on our wellness and our world. Indigo Beauty Collective is passionate about offering non-toxic makeup + hair options and desires to provide high-performing products with a consideration for the planet. We look for beauty products that are safe, sustainable, and highly effective, and use them as often as we can without compromising quality or performance. We are also actively trying to improve in this area and have made it our goal to continue to move toward a non-toxic and sustainable future.

What are you most excited about moving forward with Indigo Beauty Collective?

Katie-Laine: I think this new brand and website really helped us get clear about who we are and I’m super excited to work with the clients that feel connected to us + our mission. I’m also excited and passionate about helping pave the way for ethical + non-toxic + sustainable beauty services to become the cultural norm and industry standard!

Can brides expect any new services offered with the new name?

Katie-Laine: There aren’t any new services on our menu per se, but our available services are more clearly defined. We are proud to offer things like non-toxic hair & makeup options, grooming, group airbrush tanning, and on-site nail services.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Indigo Beauty Collective?

Katie-Laine: Indigo Beauty Collective upholds inclusive values and is committed to serving people from all walks of life. We value our clients’ uniqueness and work to celebrate their individuality. In order to provide the best experience, we match each client with an artist that we feel will best bring their vision to life!

LOVE the name and everything it stands for! Congrats to Katie-Laine and the team for an exciting re-brand. Check out Indigo Beauty Collective HERE and on Instagram for your wedding hair and makeup needs!


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