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Let Freedom Ring: Make Your Wedding Your Own from Premier W.E.D.

Our friends at Premier W.E.D. recently shared a blog post that resonated so much with us. So much so that we just had to share it with our readers! In honor of the holiday this past weekend, we wanted to shed light on this topic of freedom and how that term applies to planning your wedding — even during a pandemic when things may not be going as you envisioned they would. See what this expert wedding planning team has to say and their advice on how to make your wedding your own below!

Dawn: I love the freedom I have to take on what I feel is challenging, inspiring and a blessing! Owning my own event planning company has brought me so much joy, and freedom is a huge part of that! I have been able to build my business around my life, my family, my personal responsibilities. Freedom is a large part of the attractiveness of being an entrepreneur. When planning your own wedding during a pandemic and nation-wide upheaval, one of the best parts for my clients is freedom!Freedom to ask yourself, what do I want my big day to look like? Should I have a “Micro” Wedding? The plus to having a guest list of 20 vs 120 allows for more freedom and choice when it comes to your wedding day. When catering to a smaller guest count, you may have the room to splurge on those smaller details that you wouldn’t have been able to before such as menu items, floral displays, and maybe that band you really wanted but was originally out of your price range.

Dawn: Freedom to write your own vows vs. a church wedding that requires you to say specific vows dedicated by the Catholic Church, etc. If your faith is an integral part of your life, you have the freedom to choose how that relates to your wedding.

Dawn: Freedom to personalize your wedding and make it specific to you and your groom is the most enjoyable part of planning! Ingrid Fetell Lee  in her book, Joyful, defines the freedom aesthetic of joy as encompassing “nature, wildness, and open space.” Outdoor, nature loving brides will appreciate this definition, but even destination clients will want to explore their options in the freedom of  choosing just the right location that represents their aesthetic joy!

Dawn: Is it the beach, an enchanted garden, a historic mansion, art museum, or your home town church? No matter what you choose, enjoy the freedom you have to make it completely yours!

Regardless of what may be thrown your way, there are still ways to make your wedding your own and that’s so important to remember! Huge thanks so much to Dawn of Premier W.E.D. for sharing this advice with us! See the original blog post here!


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