How to Save on Bridesmaids Bouquets from Nashville Florist Geny’s Flowers | Nashville

Choosing bridesmaid attire is one task you'll have to manage while planning your wedding. But choosing the right florals to complete their look is something you need to plan for when getting a quote from your florist. How do you go about this? The good news is that we have Joan from Geny's Flowers here in Nashville to help us navigate the ins and outs of bridesmaid bouquets. Joan is sharing money saving tips for bridesmaid bouquets, how to coordinate your color combinations and also how to plan for which florals work best in your wedding season. I'll let the floral experts take it from here, I know you'll learn so much (I definitely did!)…

What are some of the latest trends you’re seeing in bridesmaid bouquets?

Joan: It’s really interesting.  Designs sway from compact, fluffy cream florals to mixtures of greenery creating lots of texture.  Not much in between.

Does the size of the bouquet affect the cost? Or is it the type of flowers used in the bouquet?

Joan: That’s a Catch 22.  A few white hydrangeas, per stem on the upper end of the price scale, can produce a good bridesmaid bouquet and be very cost effective.  At the same time, it takes lots of greenery, less expensive by comparison per stem, to produce the same size bouquet.  Plus, the greenery bouquet takes a ton more time to produce and can therefore be quite a bit more expensive.

What are some ways brides can save on their bridesmaid bouquets?

Joan: These best way is to have fewer bridesmaids.  The average cost per bouquet is about $65 to $85 each.  That adds up when you have ten bridesmaids.

If a bride has a lot of bridesmaids, what are some ideas for cutting down on bouquet costs?

Joan: With a color scheme of green and white being so prevalent, we frequently recommend smaller bouquets of three large, white Polo roses mixed with seeded or silver dollar eucalyptus.  This makes a beautiful nosegay and runs about $35 each.  

How can you best match your bouquets to the bridesmaid dresses (especially when the bridesmaids are wearing different colors)?

Joan: The best strategy is not to match but compliment the dress color.  We are seeing a lot of neutrals still, weather they be blush, champagne or grey for bridesmaids dresses, and these colors tend to lend themselves to the softer blush, cream and green color pallets.  Sticking with lighter colored flowers against darker burgundy or black.  And avoid pops of dark colors mixed with whites or creams.  This tends to create black spots in the bouquets in photos.  

Is there anything else we should know about ordering bridesmaid bouquets?

Joan: Keep your color scheme to the season you are getting married in.  If it is fall, burgundy mixed with your blush and cream and gold tones are great.  However, burgundy is not a flower color that is widely grown for spring and summer seasons and makes your choices very limited in spring.  Likewise, August and September greatly limits flower choices that are available because it is hot everywhere in the world and production slows down and quality declines in those hot summer months.

Wow – these tips are super helpful Joan! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insight with Nashville brides! You can order your bridesmaid bouquets from Geny’s Flowers – just check out their website here and also be sure to follow them over on Instagram!


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