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How to Preserve Your Wedding Flowers & Bouquet from Amy & I Designs

After carefully designing your wedding flowers and carrying your wedding bouquet throughout your big day, chances are you’re going to not want to say goodbye. Good thing there are many artistic options that allow you to turn them into beautiful keepsakes! Amy of Amy & I Designs is here to break down exactly how to preserve your wedding flowers and bouquet with Addie’s Field. She’s sharing tips to prep your bouquet for preservation after your wedding, how to include your other wedding flowers like centerpieces into a sentimental design, and different ideas that will allow you to cherish the memories of your blooms for years to come! Read about all of that and more in the interview below!

What are the most common ways to preserve your wedding flowers and bouquet?

Amy: Two of the most common ways to preserve your flowers are pressed frames and shadow boxes.

What are some new and creative ways you can preserve your florals?

Amy: Some of the newer and more creative preserved flower ideas I have seen are sending your flowers to an artist and having them transform it into artwork, creating coasters, sealing them into a shape with resin for décor, displaying them in a vase, and even making a wreath!

Do you have any special tips on how to treat your bouquet after your wedding so it lasts longer?

Amy: If you plan to preserve your bouquet after the wedding day, make sure you treat it with care until you decide what you want to do with it, flowers are very delicate! We suggest tying a string around the base and hanging it upside down in a dry, dark area. This way, the pedals will stay in tacked and the drying process can begin. Make sure to keep the flowers away from any sunlight so it doesn’t bleach out the colors (unless you want that look).

Do you have any tips on what to do with your centerpiece arrangements and other florals at your wedding?

Amy: Most centerpiece arrangements and/or ceremony flowers probably won’t be a convenient size or shape to work with. Keep in mind, you can always rearrange the flowers to create a beautiful piece! You may even want to take a few single stems you love and work with those, rather than having to preserve every stem from your wedding day.

Are there any sentimental gift ideas you can do with preserved florals from your wedding?

Amy: Of course! One of my favorite sentimental gift ideas is sealing wedding flowers into jewelry! This is a great way to share a small part of your special day with a family member, a bridesmaid, or even the Bride herself. I have seen rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with small colorful pedals to treasure that day forever.

Why is it important to preserve your wedding flowers and bouquet?

Amy: In the moment, with everything happening so fast, flower preservation seems like the last thing any bride would think about. But when years fly by and you look at that pressed frame or artwork with your bridal bouquet in it, you will always remember how beautiful that day was. Even if you chose the simpler option and sealed a single pedal into a necklace, that is something you will always cherish.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about floral preservation?

Amy: While I think it’s important to remember your wedding day, don’t let yourself stress out about flower preservation. Hang your flowers and treat them with care until you find the perfect way you want to love them forever. After all, you spent a great deal of time and energy selecting these flowers… so why not allow yourself to absolutely love what you do to them after “I do”.

We can’t thank Amy enough for talking us through how to preserve your wedding flowers & bouquet. If you’re looking to keep your blossoms forever, Amy & I Designs is the perfect floral designer to make it happen with Addie’s Field!


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