How to Match Your Wedding Flowers to Your Venue

The venue options in Nashville, TN are so diverse! Sometimes choosing florals to match your wedding venue can be tricky, but luckily we have some great Nashville wedding florists like Rachael Ann’s Event Design to help us through the process! Rachael is here today to give us all the tips on how to coordinate flowers for your wedding venue. And now there are so many fun ways to add flowers to your wedding. She’s sharing all of these tips with us below – check it out!

Are there any rules for wedding centerpieces in certain venues? How big vs. how small should they be depending on the venue?

Rachael: Definitely base your centerpieces on the venue itself. If the venue is smaller, then you don’t want anything too large that will overpower it. But on the other hand, if you are dealing with a much larger venue with a larger guest count then yes, have larger centerpieces mixed with medium and smaller ones to create a balance. It is all about balance when it comes to centerpiece size.

Tell us more about choosing centerpieces for rectangular tables vs. round tables!

Rachael: You don’t want to go too wide with either rectangle or round centerpieces. Also, the biggest aspect of both is you want to be able to see over both no matter what type of table. Go with the shape of the table. If you are having rectangle tables, then make your centerpiece long and skinny. And if your table is round, do a centerpiece in a vase. Rectangle tables would look great with a garland or a mix of bud vases.

What are some ways you can decorate with flowers at your venue beside the centerpieces and bouquets?

Rachael: I love that this is becoming more of a trend! Put greenery on your signs like a welcome sign, gift sign, and seating arrangement signs. Put flowers down your aisle at your ceremony or on an arbor during your ceremony. Do flower crowns for your flower girls instead of just giving them flower petals. Find places in the venue like mantels, fireplaces, columns, and doorways that can be unique for flowers.

How does color come into play when matching your florals to your venue? Do you match perfectly or use complementary colors?

Rachael: Don’t match anything perfectly anymore. I think what is beautiful now is to not match and to have a little mix and match throughout. Definitely complement the venue but don’t match it. You want the flowers to stand out along with the venue. If they matched, then everything would just blend into one.

What about indoor spaces vs. outdoor spaces? Would you do less florals outside?

Rachael: They are equal. Just because it is outside, doesn’t mean that you can’t have any flowers or not as many. If that is important to you and what you want then go for it.

These are some really amazing tips, Rachael! She is such an amazing choice for wedding florists in Nashville! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us! You can check out more on Rachael Ann’s Event Design here and also be sure to follow her over on Instagram


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