How to Host Your Wedding Reception on an Open Property from Reunion Stay | Nashville

If only the weather was perfect all the time… I think more couples would get married outside – am I right? You can’t ever predict the weather, but having that open air wedding is oh-so dreamy! And you can book a gorgeous Nashville area outdoor wedding space at Reunion Stay. The beautiful 8 acres and humungous mansion are perfect for that picturesque landscape wedding scene you see on Pinterest. Today Monica is here to give us all the scoop on achieving that open air wedding on the property and what to do in case of bad weather! Check it all out below!

I’m sure many couples who host their wedding at Reunion Stay opt for an outdoor wedding. Should they reserve a tent – yes or no?

Monica: It is not absolutely necessary. Of course the tent is and amazing addition, however you do not have to have one. If your guest list is under or at 100 people, you can easily set up tables around the pool deck. You can have the dancing take place on the pool deck or in the event room.

Do you have any tenting policies or outdoor wedding policies couples should know about?

Monica: Our policies are pretty basic:

1. We require is that ALL vendors are licensed and bonded. 

2. They must be respectful of the grounds, not to cause damage of course. 

3. There are specific areas the delivery trucks cannot drive, that however is not a problem for any of the locations where rentals would be set up. 

4. All rentals must be delivered after the guests have checked in at Reunion Stay and these items must be picked up before they check out.

5. All trash/debris must be recovered and taken away by the rental company or guests.

We have a preferred vendors list, but we welcome new vendors. 

What types of tents work best at Reunion Stay?

Monica: Any tent should work. We love the clear top tent! Simply amazing! If you have a dance floor, DJ, lighting, etc. in your tent, we recommend you bring a back up generator for peace of mind. 

Where on the property do you recommend a tent setup?

Monica: The Reunion Stay Property is 8 acres. There is no bad place to put a tent!

Do you have a capacity limit at Reunion Stay? What if it rains and a couple with a large wedding does not have a tent?

Monica: We do have our event space. It is a room that is 1100 square feet. It is not huge, but it will serve as an awesome “Plan B”. The Reunion Stay house itself is 17,000 sq. ft., there are many ways to make it work, and work beautifully! It has in the past. Nicole & Joshua’s wedding was phenomenal, it was rained out! 

Are there an other rain plan tips you’d like to share?

Monica: At Reunion Stay you have the property all weekend! Don’t sweat the photos, they will get done! Bring rain boots! Jill & Tim had the most amazing sloshy wedding!

Monica! Thank you so much for sharing all about the Nashville area outdoor wedding space with us! We love Reunion Stay – inside and out! You can check out more on booking Reunion Stay for your wedding here online. Also be sure to check them out on Instagram!


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