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In true southern fashion, meals are made to be shared. But have you ever considered having a wedding menu consisting of a family style dinner? Lisa of The Wedding Plate is sharing all about how you can host a family style dinner at your wedding in the interview below, including what you’ll need for you wedding table decor, benefits in doing so, and how to know exactly what you’ll need. It may just convince you that to include this dinner style into your big day! Keep reading to find out more!

What is a family style dinner?

Lisa: Family style dinner is a meal that is shared between friends and family using large bowls and serving plates. All the food is placed on the table and passed around, allowing for people to get as much or as little food as they would like on their personal plates. It is often seen southern family get-togethers and restaurants such as Buca di Bepo, Monell’s, and more.

What pieces of china do you need to rent for a family style dinner?

Lisa: First, you have to have one basic place setting per guest. We suggest our classic collection with one plate, a set of silverware, and a water goblet. A piece that is a must have for family style is serving bowls. These are larger than your average soup bowl and is a great for holding veggies and sides. Another staple would be serving platters. These are needed for larger and thinner items, such as sliced meat. Finally, we would suggest pitchers for water and tea and a bread basket.

What are the perks of having a family style dinner?

Lisa: Family style dinner is a great way to keep waste to a minimum. Normally waste is created whenever people are served a set meal. If I am gluten free, I won’t be eating the roll that is served with my set meal, but if I can choose what I want to eat, it allows me to skip on those items, saving it for someone else who may want another. It is also a great way to converse and meet others at your table. For southerners, it can be a fun reminder of Sunday lunches at Grandma’s house. Family style dinner brings people together and makes for great event photos!

Describe the couple who would love to host a family style dinner at their wedding?

Lisa: A couple that is wanting a true southern wedding will relish in family style, because southern food is made to share! Casseroles, mashed potatoes, and green beans are easily passed around in family-style bowls. We would suggest a meat and three sides to really embrace the southern feel. Also, a couple that is wanting to serve Italian food, could benefit serving family style. Spaghetti and fettuccini, are great pass around foods and breadsticks would fit perfectly in our silver bread baskets!

How can I estimate all of the quantities to order?

Lisa: If you have 100 people at your wedding and they are sitting at tables of 10 and you are planning on having a meat and three sides, we would suggest having 3 serving bowls, 1 serving tray, one bread basket, and a pitcher (or two, depending on how many drinks are being served) per table. Meaning 30 serving bowls, 10 serving trays, 10 bread baskets, and 10-20 pitchers. We would also suggest adding on 10 more serving bowls to make refills easier for the staff during dinner. You can also add on extra items such as a salt and pepper shaker set, berry bowls (for jams or jelly), and a butter platter. We even offer tea cups and saucers for any after-dinner coffee and sugar and creamer sets to go with those.

What types of dishware and serving utensils does The Wedding Plate provide for family style dinners?

Lisa: In addition to the items already mentioned, we also have serving tongs for salad, serving spoons, and meat forks.

Do you have certain sets and designs of china that go together for a family style dinner? Or is mismatched the best route to go?

Lisa: All of our collection is mismatched, but we have three china collections: boho, classic, and blue. We recommend using our classic collection because it pairs perfectly with our mismatched serving bowls!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about hosting a family style dinner?

Lisa: Remember to enjoy your special day with those who are special to you! What better way to do that than by sharing a meal?

Not only is this a great wedding menu option, but when you include such stunning wedding table decor from The Wedding Plate it makes it that much better! Lisa, thanks for sharing such helpful information!


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