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When planning your honeymoon, there are so many questions you need to ask yourself… and your soon-to-be spouse! I’m sure you have a list of places you’ve always wanted to travel to, but not all of them may be the best honeymoon destinations.  When you’re trying to narrow down your choices in the entire WORLD, yeah, it seems a bit overwhelming… do you want to go to a tropical destination, a mountain getaway, a backpacking trip or get adventurous? The good news is, Carlie with 2 Travel Anywhere can help guide you in your decision. She has traveled all around the world and experienced some of the best destinations for couples to travel to on their honeymoons. Read our interview below to learn how to narrow down your honeymoon destination decision!

Carlie: That is one of the benefits of reaching out to us for help with your honeymoon planning. It can be overwhelming trying to plan your honeymoon but with our help we can help narrow down which destination and place to stay is best for the 2 of you. We custom each honeymoon for the 2 of you based upon your likes and interest.  When planning your honeymoon with us we like to send you a questionnaire to narrow which options maybe best for the 2 of you.  

Carlie: Tropical honeymoons typically have a set price and better accommodations for all inclusive getaways. Everything is included once you check in to your accommodations – you can relax or enjoy everything the resort has to offer. It is typically a more relaxing honeymoon when you’re going to a tropical destination. Wedding planning can be time consuming, so it is nice to do nothing and celebrate your new beginning together. Traveling outside of a tropical destination such as Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe etc. typically is more of a non-stop honeymoon as you have so much to see and do. For destinations outside of tropical resorts, you’re more likely to travel on a longer plane ride and have to adjust to jet lag. 

Carlie: Couples should always should be aware of those so called “cheap getaway” deals you may find online. You get what you pay for on some deals. Cheaper typically means the views from the room won’t be as great, beds may be less comfortable, and so on.

Carlie: We love all inclusive for honeymooners! It is not ideal for everyone, but the majority of our booked couples love staying at all inclusive resorts as it takes the stress and worry out of the vacation. All your food, drinks, alcohol (premium alcohol at certain resorts), and transportation from the airport to the resort is arranged. You just need to pack your bags and be prepared to be pampered! Not all resort all inclusive packages are the same, so depending on what you are wishing to do on your honeymoon, certain resorts may be better for you than others. Some all inclusive resorts include things like snorkeling, golfing, scuba diving, nightly entertainment, boat rides to private off shore islands, butler service and more. With butler service, it is like you have a personal genie. Anything you wish for, your butler can get for you!

Carlie: The list is never ending! There are so many places to go and not enough time. It really depends on your budget, the amount of time you have and what interests the 2 of you. For an easy travel day, the Caribbean and Mexico are always a top pick. However we love to travel everywhere in the world. Each place is amazing for totally different reasons so we like to plan each honeymoon differently based about what likes and interest you may have. The hot destination pick right now is Iceland. Overwater bungalows are a very hot pick as well. Did you know they now have overwater bungalows in Mexico and the Caribbean? At 2 Travel Anywhere, llc, we have personally been to all of these bungalow options and can share with you the differences through our experiences.

Carlie: We recommend contacting us for narrowing down the best honeymoon destination. It can be overwhelming looking online at the different options and ideas .With our experience of traveling the world, we love to help share our experience and listen to what you have in mind for your dream honeymoon. As soon as you have your wedding date planned and venue on hold, we recommend to start planning your honeymoon. The earlier you plan your honeymoon, you’ll typically find better deals.  

Wow – there are so many great takeaways in this post from Carlie! I wish I had her advice when I was planning my honeymoon! You can check out more of 2 Travel Anywhere and Carlie’s travels on her website here and also follow along on Instagram!

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