How to Add Color with Wedding Flowers: Rachael Ann's Event Design

How to Add Color with Wedding Flowers: Rachael Ann’s Event Design

Your wedding flowers are arguably the most customizable decor and accessory that you will have during your wedding day. Depending on what style you’re looking for, your flowers can bring romance, drama, or sophistication through not only the type of flower, but through color! Where should you begin with your wedding flower colors? And just how much is too much? Rachael of Rachael Ann’s Event Design is sharing all that and more below!

We love colorful wedding florals! What are some popular colors you’re seeing right now?

Rachael: Peaches and maroons are so popular right now! I also love using bright greens and oranges right now as well. Bright pinks are always so fun!

What are some tips and tricks for properly pairing colors together in your floral arrangements?

Rachael: Do one or two bright colors as a focal point and then pair it with some neutrals or greenery. You can easily overdue color so just remember to balance it out.

Are there certain types of flowers that look best together in a bouquet or centerpiece?

Rachael: I always love to pair more delicate flowers along with heartier or sturdier flowers. Like to do a mix of greenery and fillers like spider flowers or wax flower or hydrangeas or roses as your base and then add in flowers like dahlias, peonies, or tulips depending on the time of year and budget.

Are there certain colors that are harder to find in flowers?

Rachael: Blues (especially dark blue) are a little tricker, but they are so pretty to use with hydrangea and a great way to add that in. Really you can make any color you wish with getting fun and creative with floral paint! That is where I like to play around with colors and make flowers a color you normally don’t see everyday!

Tell us about your favorite types of colorful flowers to design with!

Rachael: Peonies are absolutely my favorite! They are so fun and come in such fun colors and neutrals! I also love dahlias and roses. I love to open up my roses early so that they get really large before working with them. I love mixing bright and darker greenery. I think it gives a nice mix of colors and textures as well.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about colorful florals?

Rachael: Don’t be afraid of floral paint! That is a great way to mix colors and to achieve colors you really want to tie in and get it to match exactly what you are trying to!

Thanks so much to Rachael Ann’s Event Design for sharing her expertise with us! We love that there are so many options for designs and color choices for wedding flowers! Tell us below what your favorites are!


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