How an In-Home Wedding Dress Experience is Different Than Shopping in a Store by The615Bride | Nashville

Making the process of finding your dream wedding dress easier, The615Bride which carries the Build-A-Bride line offers a unique, customized experience by bringing an entire boutique to you! This means you’ll get to be in the comfort of your own home without having to jump from dress shop to dress shop. So how does this work exactly? We’re glad you asked! Independent consultant, Sarah is here to tell you all the details on this in-home wedding dress experience. Keep reading to find out more!

We hear Build-A-Bride comes to your home with dresses for your consultation! Tell us more!

Sarah: Yes! As your Build-A-Bride™ curator, I bring the entire boutique to you. The rack, mirror, dresses, add-ons, belts, veils – everything you need for the perfect wedding dress shopping experience.

Tell us what the in-home process is like when you’re trying on gowns?

Sarah: The Build-A-Bride™ in-home boutique experience is fun, private, and unique for all brides. When I arrive to bride’s home, we select a spot to set up the rack of dresses. It’s usually in the living room where the family can see the options, feel the fabrics and gain a true appreciation for the quality of each piece. During the appointment we will use a room that is comfortable for the bride to try on dresses. Similar to a dressing room, the bride slips into each silhouette and when ready, we’ll walk together to show her guests. We do this until the bride feels absolutely beautiful in her silhouette, then we begin to build her look using the lace add-ons, belts and veils.

Do you only bring a certain amount of dress silhouettes and pieces to the appointment?

Sarah: When I arrive for your Build-A-Bride™ appointment, I typically bring 7 silhouettes, 10 add-ons, 5 belts and 5 veils. With these items, we have the option to build over 40,000 combinations! There are more options available from the Build-A-Bride™ line, and can be shipped to me for a small fee. Additional dresses or items are discussed during the bride’s initial phone consultation.

Describe the bride who would love to have an in-home wedding dress consultation!

Sarah: Any bride would love to have this unique experience! It’s complimentary, and it’s all about THEM! So many brides are disappointed after a traditional shopping experience because they’ve been ignored, they’ve had to drive from shop to shop, and their family is exhausted. With Build-A-Bride™, brides can build a custom look for their wedding in the comfort of their home surrounded by the people they love. It’s truly a one-stop bridal shop.

Why should you choose an in-home consultation vs. an in-store experience?

Sarah: Traditional in-store bridal shops are becoming a thing of the past. Today, you have your groceries brought to your house, your wardrobe – why not have the same experience with your wedding dress? Brides that come to me have usually already been to an in-store boutique and their consultant was rude, the dresses they wanted were committed to another bride in the next dressing room, or there wasn’t a quality dress available that fit their budget. As your Build-A-Bride™ Curator I will provide a warm and comfortable environment, all the dresses are there for you and, as a bonus, all brides have access to 2 incredible financing options.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Build-A-Bride’s in-home wedding dress experience?

Sarah: With Build-A-Bride™, we pride ourselves on quality fabric and construction of our gowns and add-ons. I have been trained by the designer on fabrications, measuring, sketching and more. Each bride is measured and the gown is ordered as close to size as possible allowing for minimal alterations. I then hand-deliver the dress for final sign-off. Alterations are not included in this experience. Brides can have a traditional appointment or an accessory appointment if she already has a dress.

We can’t believe that you can make that many wedding dress combinations all from the comfort of your own home. This idea is genius! Thanks so much to Sarah, of Build-A-Bride for sharing all this helpful information with us!


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