Honeymoon Registry Ideas from 2 Travel Anywhere

Honeymoon Registry Ideas from 2 Travel Anywhere

If you have enough kitchen gadgets, linens, and home decor, chances are you don’t need to add much (if any) items to your wedding registry. Instead, opt for a honeymoon registry! Asking for monetary funds from your guests to benefit your post-wedding experience is a more modern approach that’s becoming increasingly popular. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading to see some honeymoon registry ideas from 2 Travel Anywhere.

Top 10 Romantic Honeymoon Suites

We love the idea of a honeymoon registry! Tell us more about what that looks like for engaged couples!

Carlie: Have enough “stuff” in your house? Why not register to get money towards a luxurious honeymoon. Honeymoon registry allows you to register any part of your honeymoon or destination wedding online and instead of getting another crock pot, towels things for your house you can now enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach or catamaran tour as your wedding gifts. Gifts like this you will remember for a lifetime. You register for parts of your honeymoon and friends and family can contribute money.

How does this honeymoon registry work?

Carlie: Take five minutes to sign up and Register your honeymoon plans with our registry service, for free. You will select items and activities you’d like to experience on your honeymoon. Start Here Reveal your registry to friends and family, who will purchase gifts for your celebration! Receive your gifts. Details Here Enjoy your gifts and Remember your honeymoon forever!

Why should couples put their honeymoon on their registry?

Carlie: Using a registry for the honeymoon is more personal than asking your guests for cash! Guests can choose something special that they would like to give you as a wedding gift. Now you can use your funds for the honeymoon vs. getting the envelopes with checks and leaving for the honeymoon the next day. This honeymoon registry allows you to register components of your honeymoon or destination wedding online. Instead of receiving a crock pot, you could receive an upgrade on your honeymoon suite, or a romantic dinner as wedding gifts!

Honeymoon Registry Ideas from 2 Travel Anywhere

Do you recommend a specific platform to collect money for your honeymoon registry?

Carlie: Our registry will allow your guests to add excitement to your honeymoon without adventure tours. Each destination has slightly different excursions but the most popular picks are romantic catamaran with a sunset candlelight dinner on the beach. Be sure to register for couples massage on the beach as well. With our registry you can select from a range of categories including entertainment, excursions, accommodations, dining, transfers and more. Click here to find out more!

What are some fun ways to incorporate your honeymoon registry into your wedding website or invitations? How do we notify our guests about our honeymoon wishes registry and wedding website?

Carlie: We provide: Downloadable announcements to print, an email announcement wizard, a wedding website, a full online photo album, a wedding blog, a share tool to post your registry on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Make sure your family knows how special this is to you, by using any or all of these helpful methods.

Honeymoon Registry Ideas from 2 Travel Anywhere
Honeymoon Registry Ideas from 2 Travel Anywhere

What if we don’t know where we are going, but want to use the honeymoon registry?

Carlie: If you have not booked your honeymoon trip or destination wedding yet and are not sure where you are going we suggest choosing ‘Undecided’ or ‘It’s a Surprise!’, when creating your registry. You can always update the specific location for your honeymoon later. You can still add your wishes in a general way while planning.

How will I know how much to ask for?

Carlie: When setting up your Honeymoon Wishes registry, we provide a suggested gift amount for each item, based on the suppliers in that area. However, you are free to ask for whatever you would like. We recommend using varied denominations to accommodate all guests and checking with your travel professional or supplier for exact pricing. All prices vary by location, availability, and are subject to change without notice. You can break down the amounts any way you choose. For example, if an item is going to cost you $200.00, you may ask for ‘2 gifts of $100.00’ or ‘4 gifts of $50.00’. If you’ve chosen to have gifts go to your hotel, those prices will be listed in the exact amount for you.

Honeymoon Planning Tips from 2 Travel Anywhere featured on Nashville Bride Guide

If you value experiences over things, then these honeymoon registry ideas might just be for you! Thanks so much 2 Travel Anywhere for sharing this with us!

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