More Than A Floral Warehouse: Geny's Wholesale Florist Offers Full-service Wedding Design Too!

Let’s learn a little bit more about Geny’s full-service offerings from Nicole, one of Geny’s experienced floral designers:

Can you tell us more about Geny's offers in terms of full service florals?
Geny's loves working with brides and we take great pride in our ability to design weddings within any budget. Our most favorite bride meets with us, tells us her wishes and wants and from there we work cooperatively to trim and add to get everything perfect—from the budget to the overall design.  We are here to work for the bride in making sure the flowers are above all else, healthy, and of course, designed spectacularly. 🙂

For full-service weddings, we design bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, altar arrangements, centerpieces, arbors, etc. We also deliver, set up and tear out if the bride so desires. We are creative people and have the capabilities to build custom pieces for weddings too.  We can do it all!

Since you also offer DIY floral services.  What are the pros of having a full-service florist over DIY’ing them yourself?
The pros of hiring a full-service florist vs. DIY really depends on the bride. Everyone seems to come at wedding planning in a variety of different ways, so what I would say is the biggest pro of full-service might be a con to someone else. Generally speaking, though, it is no secret that designing flowers is messy and it takes time. Time…a valuable commodity for a bride and her entourage. 🙂 A professional floral designer will know the questions to ask to make sure your wedding ideas are cohesive. Full-service florists deliver, set up, tear out…If a bride has the money to hire a full-service florist, they should! Bye stress and mess! Hello wedding day bliss!

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Do you offer pre-determined packages AND fully-customizable options?
Currently, we do have a couple of wedding day floral packages: the floral style and combination of flowers are set, but colors can be switched around. Most of our weddings are custom, meaning we design florals based on particular venues, styles and color palettes.

How does Geny’s charge for full-service packages or fully customized designs? Is it based on a bride's needs?
Every wedding is different. Our pricing is fair and we work to please our brides as much as we possibly can. We price our items based on the flowers that are used, how many flowers are used, containers, supplies and labor costs. When you hire a floral designer, you are paying for their time and expertise. Flowers tend to be one of the most expensive wedding items and unfortunately, most brides wait until all of the money is gone and then talk to florists. Flowers play such an important part in weddings. They really should be given first priority after choosing the venue and finding the wedding gown.

Ready to chat with Geny’s about designing your flowers? Give them a call at (615) 297-5305 or stop by their Charlotte Avenue location to discuss full-service floral options for your wedding!

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