Flower Ideas for Your Flower Girls from Melissa Marie Floral Design featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Flower Ideas for Your Flower Girls from Melissa Marie Floral Design

Today we’re talking about the some of the cutest members of your bridal party – flower girls!! With industry trends ever changing, nowadays there are more floral options to include into your wedding for your flower girls. Melissa of Melissa Marie Floral Design is sharing different ways to incorporate these floral designs and make these little ladies feel special! Keep reading to find out more!

What are some creative ways you can incorporate flowers for your flower girls?

Melissa: In modern weddings flower girls typically carry a basket of flower petals to sprinkle as they walk down the aisle before the bride is presented. As today’s weddings are no longer tied to very specific traditions, there is a wide range of other fun ways to incorporate flowers into their outfit. Many brides today choose to have their flower girl wear a halo or crown of greenery and flowers, or a comb/clip decorated in flowers. This can be the only floral element in their decor, or it can accompany carrying a small bouquet (nosegay or tussie mussie) of flowers, a basket decorated with a small arrangement of flowers, a small hoop decorated with florals, or a small kissing ball (a floral foam ball covered in flowers) with a ribbon handle.

What are some new ideas besides having a flower girl toss flower petals from a basket?

Melissa: In addition to halos, another idea that I just love is having the flower girl and ring bearer walk down the aisle together holding a banner on a dowel with trailing ribbons and maybe a touch of florals at the corners that says something like “Here Comes the Bride”. There are a lot of venues in town that no longer allow petal-tossing, so finding alternatives for your flower girl to have something to carry as she walks down the aisle is a good replacement that helps feel like they still have a special job to do at the wedding.

What are some of the most popular trends for flower girl crowns?

Melissa: Most of the floral crowns I’ve done in the past few years have been a combination of sparse greenery and one floral element like Baby’s breath or spray roses. Small delicate flowers that won’t overwhelm the little girl. These can be made in one continual piece that can be bobby-pinned in place, or adjustable with a ribbon closure. The ribbon closure is my favorite style, as the trailing sheer ribbons down the back of their hair looks so pretty.

Would you recommend the flower girl flowers to match everyone else’s flowers or make them different?

Melissa: The type of flower you choose for your flower girl really can go either way. Some brides have really colorful weddings but they want the flower girls to have crowns of greenery and baby’s breath. But most want everyone’s florals to coordinate across the wedding party. As florists we have access to a huge floral inventory so we can make these delicate pieces for small children in the color and style that matches everyone else.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about flowers for your flower girls?

Melissa: I always love how happy the little girls are when I deliver the flowers and show them their special item, whether it’s a basket of petals or a halo or whatever. I think it helps them feel like an important part of such a special day.

Huge thank you to Melissa for sharing these wedding flower ideas for flower girls! We’re a fan of ALL of these ideas! Which one is your favorite?!


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