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Elegantly Historic Nashville Wedding Venue: Meet Ravenswood Mansion

The perfect Nashville wedding venue to make your dream design come true, meet Ravenswood Mansion! The historic space is surrounded by 400 acres of endless views and possibilities, along with a team that’s ready to greet you and your guests with southern hospitality from start to finish. Whether you have your heart set on an indoor or outdoor celebration, this elegant spot can accommodate either ranging from 80 guests all the way up to 300! Sound like something you’re looking for? Keep scrolling to find out even more details from Abby, below!

Summer Peach and Tea Inspired Wedding at Ravenswood Mansion in Brentwood, TN. Photography by Ivory Door Studio
Summer Peach and Tea Inspired Wedding at Ravenswood Mansion in Brentwood, TN. Photography by Ivory Door Studio

Tell us about Ravenswood Mansion + how long you’ve been in business.

Abby: The Ravenswood Mansion house was built in 1825 and is a beautiful antebellum mansion nestled today on 400 surrounding acres. Ravenswood Mansion opened late summer of 2014 for weddings and events.

How did you get started in weddings?

Abby: The Ravenswood Mansion property has seen weddings for nearly 200 years. More recently, the land upon which Ravenswood Mansion sits was purchased as part of the City of Brentwood’s desire to open a new public park. The house came as a “bonus” to the city. After much discussion, it was decided that this was a perfect community asset and should be preserved and shared with the public for future generations. Therefore, the City began restoration on the house not long after the land purchase in 2010. Once the house was finished with the long restoration process, events could begin in the Summer of 2014.

Matchless Transportation Nashville vintage wedding car
Chic Southern Charm Wedding Inspiration at Ravenswood Mansion

What’s the philosophy behind Ravenswood Mansion?

Abby: Ravenswood Mansion’s philosophy is to create exceptional experiences for clients, guests, and vendors alike by showing the highest level of southern hospitality in everything we do. We truly care about everyone’s experience while at Ravenswood and are constantly looking to evolve our process to ensure that we are holding ourselves at the highest standard.

What are your strengths compared to other wedding venues?

Abby: We pride ourselves on having thorough processes behind the scenes that ensure that we are running smoothly on the surface. We have thorough workflows, email templates, and standardized practices that help us run at the highest standard possible. Even though we are a small company with one full time team member, one part time team member, and 5 day of venue representatives, we strive to operate Ravenswood with intentional staff trainings and workshops that help for us to work best as a team.

Ravenswood Mansion wedding inspiration
Ravenswood Mansion wedding inspiration
Ravenswood Mansion wedding inspiration

What attracts couples to Ravenswood Mansion (+ describe that couple!)?

Abby: For our business model, it works well for us to provide all of the necessary information up front through our marketing and website so that interested clients know quickly if we are a good fit for them. I think that quickly attracts people to our venue because they do not have to search far for our pricing and amenities. Once couples visit our property, they are typically drawn to both the beautiful, historic nature of the house, as well as the garden-like grounds on the outside. Having an affordable, yet

What is the most innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that brides and grooms might appreciate?

Abby: I think the most refreshing thing that we do for our clients is being transparent. Upfront about all of our policies, pricing, amenities, hidden fees, etc. This builds trust with our clients and helps set expectations early to avoid (as much as possible) disappointment with surprises later. We stick behind our policies and don’t change them from one event to the next, which helps clients feel like everyone is getting an equally professional and valuable service. This also helps the Ravenswood staff to know their expectations with what they tell our clients they can/cannot do because our rules are the same across the board.

Ravenswood Mansion wedding inspiration
Ravenswood Mansion wedding inspiration

Thanks for sharing, Abby! Ravenswood Mansion is one of our favorite Nashville wedding venues! For more information, be sure to check out their website.


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