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Customize Your Rehearsal Dinner Decor at Mere Bulles

With a variety of in-house decor items, customizing your rehearsal dinner space at Mere Bulles is easier than ever! Rehearsal dinner decor can often be overlooked with all the wedding planning details. However at Mere Bulles that’s not that case. They will work with you to make the room look picture perfect. Learn more about this rehearsal dinner venue in the interview with Caty, below!

We love that Mere Bulles has lots of in-house decor to choose from for your rehearsal dinner or event! Can you give us a rundown of what items you have in stock?

Caty: At Mere Bulles we like to make things as easy as we can for our clients and that is why we offer decor in house. We provide an assortment of linen for your table cloths and napkins. We also have three different centerpiece options to choose from. All three options have a mirror as a base and include three glass votives with oil flames within them.  The three centerpiece options to choose from are a large crystal votive, a washed dark brown lantern, or our mini live orchids. Any of the options can be used together or alone. 

Tell us more about all of the linen color options you have!

Caty: We provide tablecloths and napkins for all of our events. We have 11 different tablecloth options and 17 different napkin options. I love helping my clients decide on their linen colors and offer my suggestions when they are needed.

Do you have different centerpieces to choose from?

Caty: Yes! We have three different centerpiece options to choose from. All three options come with a mirror as a base. All three options come with small glass votives including oil lights within them. We have lanterns, large crystal votives and mini live orchids in house. We have miscellaneous vases that our clients can use if they need to as well. I have clients that use none of our centerpiece options, clients that partly use our centerpiece options and clients that use everything we have in house to avoid having to worry about bringing decor in. I have also had clients bring additional decor to add to what we have in house.

Are there certain colors/decor options that look best in the rooms at Mere Bulles?

Caty: I tend to lean toward neutral colors since we are a house and most rooms are already decorated but I do have some clients looking to match their decor to their wedding colors. I prefer to have clients come in and see the space they are looking to use and then go from there. I like to work with my clients to create the look they envision for their special events. 

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Can couples bring in their own decor?

Caty: Couples can definitely bring in their own decor. The only thing we do not allow is glitter and confetti because that is hard to get out of the carpet, chairs etc. If clients wish to hang items within their room we ask that they bring command strips so that paint is not taken off the walls. 

Are there any outside decor companies you work with or recommend?

Caty: We work with and recommend a floral design artist named Melissa Marie. She has worked with many or our clients and has helped decorate our space for special events such as Brides & Bubbly and special holidays.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about the decor options at Mere Bulles?

Caty: Over the years we have accumulated all types of decor items that clients did not need any more or that they had simply left behind. We hold on to vases, table numbers, signs, cake plates and more. Any of our new clients are more than welcome to raid our closet and use anything we have in house if it makes their wedding planning process a little easier.  

Upping your aesthetic with ease, your rehearsal dinner decor no longer has to be on the back burner! Thanks so much to Caty of Mere Bulles for sharing so much great information with us!


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