Create Your Wedding Website with Joy

Who is Joy? Well, let us tell you, Joy is not a person, but a FREE wedding website tool that is super easy to use. You can use Joy for more than creating your wedding website. From guest management, registry linking, photo collection, and yes, even an app, Joy is that all-encompassing tool that will help guide you step by step through your wedding planning process. 

Plus, Joy is that main mode of communication to your wedding guests, so utilizing all of Joy’s potential is a huge time saver! No more individually texting guests to send in their RSVPs or answering the same question over and over like… where do we park? When guests download Joy’s app, they have all of the information at their fingertips! 

I tested Joy out for myself, so I’m here to give you a step by step guide on all of the features Joy offers. Joy will literally walk you through pre-wedding plans and she even has some features for during and after your wedding! Check it out below!

Wedding Website Creation

We know you have options when it comes to creating a wedding website. But are there many options out there that are actually FREE? Joy provides so many design combinations for your wedding website – from super minimalistic designs to all the pretty bells and whistles. You can test out so many designs and you’re sure to find one that fits your wedding aesthetic. Not only are the designs cute, but Joy is incredibly easy to use! I have a tiny bit of knowledge in the web design space, but throw some HTML at me and I’ll run for the hills. Joy requires no coding – everything has drag and drop functionality that makes life easy! You’re planning a wedding, the last thing you need to be doing is trying to learn how to code a website! Joy handles this for you – just one more reason Joy is your personal wedding concierge. 

Digital Wedding Invitations

Okay, we just reviewed how to create your simple and easy wedding website. But how do you find a wedding invitation with matching prints to the cute website design you just created? Joy offers digital save the dates and even invitation printing! Let’s face it, weddings these days are branded and have their own feel and personality with design. Continuing with that same design throughout your wedding is more important to couples (like you) now than it ever has been before. Again, this features is so simple and easy to use. You can customize the designs to your liking and voila, they show up perfectly printed at your door!

Online Wedding RSVP

Whether you have twenty or 300 guests, Joy has a built in wedding guest list tool. First off, it’s crucial to determine your RSVPs. It calculates your rentals, your catering menu, your cake size, and most importantly, your budget. With Joy, RSVPs are all handled for you virtually on the site and app! Plus, you can use private “Guest Labels” to categorize your guests in any way you’d like. Hosting a shower? Joy can manage your guests! What about a rehearsal dinner? Yes – Joy is here for you!

Create a Schedule of Events

Weddings as of late (and especially destination weddings) are turning into wedding weekends! Whether it’s mandatory or optional, give your guests a weekend itinerary of activities they can participate in. Scheduling and RSVPs for these events are a cinch with Joy!


Whether you’ve registered with one specific online retailer or from various sites around the internet, Joy can display your registry links on your wedding website. Giving guests options for your day is the ultimate way to customize the best guest experience possible. Why not have registry links ready and at their fingertips?

Wedding Planning App

We are all on the go in today’s world, so having an app literally on your guests’ phones can help them easily navigate your wedding. Not sure where to park on your wedding day? Check out the wedding maps on Joy’s app! Want to gather all of your guests’ photos from your day in one place? Joy is the place for that!

All in all, Joy really does the work of your wedding personal assistant, am I right? So maybe we should personify Joy… she’s not just a tool, but your personal wedding administrative assistant who is keeping track of your guest count, collecting wedding photos and so much more! Let Joy do the work for FREE and give your guests the best communication and experience so your wedding will go off without a hitch! 

Try Joy for FREE today – head over to Joy to start designing your wedding website today!


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