Why You Should Book a Honeymoon in Hawaii from Honeymoons Inc.

Book a Hawaii Honeymoon with Honeymoons Inc.

Looking for the perfect honeymoon destination? Say aloha to today’s feature with Linda Dancer of Honeymoons Inc. as she is dishing all the details on why you should book a honeymoon in Hawaii! Read the interview with her below to learn more about what the island offers and why it may be the perfect destination for you!

What are the perks of booking a honeymoon in Hawaii?

Linda: Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations in the USA, and does not require a passport for US citizens to visit. This tropical destinations has some of the most pristine white and black sand beaches in the world. Hawaii offers something for everyone – nature lovers, history buffs, adrenaline junkies, foodies and the most romantic sunsets.

Do you recommend staying at a resort?

Linda: Although there are a variety of accommodations in Hawaii, I always suggest to clients on their honeymoon to book a resort to be pampered during their stay in Hawaii. I feel that a Honeymoon is a time away from their normal life and a chance to spend time getting to know each other, so who wants to have to cook and clean during their honeymoon?

Can you explain a little bit about the uniqueness of each island?

Linda: Although there are some similarities that can be found throughout the Hawaiian Islands, each island offers visitors a little something different. 

Oahu – “The Gathering Place” perfect for foodies, surfers and history buffs. I love to put town and country itineraries together for clients on Oahu – spend time on the iconic north shore – visit the famous shrimp trucks, Waimea Valley where you can hike up a rainforest and swim under a water fall, grab lunch at Ted’s bakery and sit on Sunset Beach and watch the surfers and sea turtles, visit surfing towns then go into vibrant Waikiki Beach – experience nightlife amazing restaurants, visit Pearl Harbor and other historical sites. 

Maui Nui or Maui County is actually comprised of the islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai. Although most of my honeymoon clients will stay on Maui, the other islands are beautiful and at least a day trip should be taken to explore them. Maui is perfect for golfers, romantics and those that want a little exploration, but mostly to relax – most popular activities are the Road to Hana and sunrise over Haleakala . 

Kauai – the island of “Discovery” from hidden valleys to soaring mountain ranges that look they have been there from when the dinosaurs roamed freely (that’s why Jurassic Park filmed here- the famous giant Jurassic Park trees), waterfalls, one-lane bridges, lighthouse, the only navigable rivers in Hawaii, Waimea Canyon (the Grand Canyon of the Pacific) and postcard worthy Hanalei. This island is lush and tropical, and slower pace than some other islands. Don’t make the mistake of waiting till you get to the island to reserve a rental car – the tourist board often jokes about seeing a UHaul heading up the road to Waimea Canyon because everything else was rented. Popular tours include Kauai Backcountry river tubing and zipline, movie tour, best island for a helicopter tour. 

Hawaii Island (nickname is The Big Island ) often confused with Oahu – but totally different. It’s the home of Hawai’l Volcanoes National Park – and depending upon the volcano you can see the most amazing glowing lava flow at the Halema’uma’u Crater. In the nearby town of Hilo – the Lili’uokalai Gardens, Rainbow and Akaka Falls, botanical gardens, winery and so much more – if clients schedule permit I like to split their stay between the different sides of the island because there is simply to much to explore in Hilo to just drive over for the afternoon. In a word this island is diverse – sunny Kahala coast and rainy Hilo side. Popular tours include coffee farm tours and championship golf. You have to do the night manta ray snorkel – one of the coolest things I have done in my life! Black sand beach of Punalu’u black sand beach (bonus is the sea turtles that hang out there) – and as you drive south in the quaint town of Na’alehu – you must stop at Punalu’u Bake Shop -grab lunch to go and treats to take with you. 

Linda: The Hawaiian Islands offer so many excursions and activities – Luaus, helicopter tours, surf lessons, hiking, zip-lining, bespoke experiences like private photography and island tours.

How long would you recommend couples should stay in Hawaii?

Linda: On average my clients stay between 7-10 days if visiting one island only I suggest you plan on a 5 night minimum stay as the first day of your vacation is a travel day. I do lots of 7 night honeymoons with 4 nights on one island/ 3 on the other – also lots of split stays on the same island for diverse experiences, but not having to pay for flights between the islands.

Are there any “must see” attractions in Hawaii?

Linda: Each island will have something unique to that island but most first time visitors to Hawaii will do a luau, visit historic or cultural experiences.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about Hawaii?

Hawaii is to be experienced and that means something different to everyone. I have some clients that pay 1000s of dollars to fly in first class to the islands, but stay in moderate very Hawaiian hotels for the experience. As from the days of old from the Aliii (Hawaii’s Royal Family) the waters of Hawaii have healing properties from the Seven Sacred Pools on Maui to the healing waters of Waikiki – so much is done to include water in spa rituals, décor and more. Many people do not realize that Hawaii used to be its own Kingdom that there was a true King and Queen and this royal heritage is celebrated in many ways throughout the islands. Hawaii is a special destination, so much more than just another tropical destination with beautiful beaches. 

As you can see the islands are diverse with so many activities, historical and cultural experiences on each island – to put together the perfect itinerary for your Hawaii Vacation it is so important to work with a Hawaii Destination Expert such as myself – we have extensive training on the islands and have personally visited the islands many times.

Let us help you #LetHawaiiHappen 

We’re ready to escape to this scenic destination, are you?! If you’re interested in honeymoon in Hawaii, contact Honeymoons Inc. HERE and follow along on Instagram!

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