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It's Monday and it's about time for a proposal feature! No, this isn't your usual engagement shoot, Zach actually proposed to Cailin at The Food Company which makes these photos by Swak Photography extra special! Zach gifted Cailin with a photo session for Valentine's Day and after a fun day taking photos in front of Nashville murals, the couple (with the help of Inspired Help) headed to The Food Company to pop the question! This beautiful couple's story was also featured on How He Asked here, but keep scrolling to learn about their proposal story from Cailin's perspective and check out all the fun photos from Swak Photography

Zach + Cailin

Proposal Shoot


Proposal Team:

Photographer | Swak Photography

Floral Designer | Amelia's Flower Truck

Event Planner | Inspired Help

Venue | The Food Company Nashville

From the bride, Cailin: One of the reasons Zach and I click so well is that we have the same sense of humor. We love Aziz Ansari’s show, “Master of None,” and had been planning our own ‘Nashville Date,’ just like in our favorite episode. We planned to go in March, but for Valentine’s Day, Zach’s gift to me was that he had hired a photographer to take our photos while we were there. Obviously, I know how these things go. I started scouring his apartment for the ring and told my roommates that Zach was proposing; they were pretty much on call during our whole trip.

We met our photographer at a cute little restaurant, and eventually, Zach led me out back. Flowers are the key to my heart, so, when I saw the greenhouse bar and a bouquet of flowers lying on the ground, my mind went completely blank. Luckily, Carrie was there to snap some photos, because I honestly don’t remember the proposal one bit.

As soon as we were finished taking photos, we walked through an alley back to my car. I think it wasn’t until then that I fully regained my consciousness, came out of a daze, and realized what had just happened. Zach and I yelled, “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!” at the top of our lungs to the first guy we saw. Even though he was a perfect stranger, he ran over and gave me a huge hug. It was probably the best hug anyone has ever given another human being in the history of the world.

P.S. sorry to any friends, family, or unsuspecting roommates who thought they had better reactions when I called to break the news.

Thank you for sharing this shoot with us, Swak Photography! You can check out more of her work here on her website and also here on Instagram!


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