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The first time I met Kathy of Kathy Thomas Photography, her energy was infectious! I absolutely love her zest for life and her spontaneity (after one of our meetings, we passed a cookie shop and she immediately backed the car up so we could stop in for a snack). And if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who is not only talented, but has a super fun personality, then Kathy Thomas Photography is the perfect match! She and her team have traveled far and wide with extensive experience shooting New York Bridal Fashion Week, celebrity couples, exotic destination weddings (in Mexico and beyond!) and even events for Martha Stewart! I’m so excited to share our interview with her today so you can learn more about her background and how she can photograph your big day – take it away, Kathy!

Tell us about Kathy Thomas Photography!

Kathy: Kathy Thomas Photography is celebrating 5 years in the spring of 2018 with studios in Nashville, TN and Orlando, FL, and commissioned worldwide. Our team consists of talented photographers who all believe in providing an exceptional experience for our clients while showcasing our own style and personalities.  Although we specialize in weddings, we also have a successful luxury real estate photography business.  Each of us bring a unique quality to the team, through our own style. I have a background in luxury fashion and journalism, and an obsession with architecture, it shows in my composition while bringing out a calm comfort in my clients; Whitney has a literature background and is obsessed with pretty details and intimate moments, her imagery is always romantic and poetic; Christina has traveled the world helping children from Spain, Nicaragua, Africa, and her imagery always captures the inner emotion of the subject. Kathy Thomas Photography is licensed and insured, and a proud member of Nikon Pro, PPA (Professional Photographers Association), WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International), ILEA (International Live Events Association), and TWESA (Tennessee Wedding & Events Specialists Association). Honored to be multiple award winning, internationally published for both weddings and real estate photography, a prestigious Grace Ormonde Wedding Styles Platinum Photographer, Nominated for Rangerfinder Top 30 Rising Stars in 2017, and has been given the Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Award 5 years in a row. Kathy also mentors other creatives with their business plans, long term goals and financial stability. 

How did you get started in weddings?

Kathy: While I was working in my previous career one of my employees had their wedding photographer back out a week prior to their date. She was devastated and asked if I would step in. I immediately told her “no”, that I love photography but the covent role of a wedding photographer is a challenge I was not up for. I remember the requirements I had on my wedding photographer and my expectations. After some convincing I told her as long as she had zero expectations I would do the best I could. That was Dec 30, 2012. The chaos, emotion and beauty of the day was all I needed to realize this was exactly where I was meant to be. Fast forward three months and I gave my notice and jumped into a full-time photography business. It’s been the best decisions ever.

What is the philosophy behind Kathy Thomas Photography?

Kathy: I respect the loyalty, commitment and faith two people enter upon with marriage.  My goal is to ensure all my clients have an exceptional experience, while I also curate images that evoke emotion and ensure their wedding day is captured in a photojournalist manner that showcases the emotion and love vs. awkward poses and artificial moments.  

What are your strengths compared to other wedding photographers?

Kathy: I believe what sets my team apart is that we truly care about each and every one of our clients; which is why we don’t accept every client that inquires with us. From the first time we meet; my goal is to get to know you and allow you to interview me to ensure I am the right fit as you are for me. Capturing someone’s wedding is something we believe is an honor and a blessing, and though we aren’t the right fit for everyone we love our clients. Your wedding photographer is there with you while you are naked getting into your wedding gown, when your parents cry when they see you for the first time, when your dress zipper breaks and we repair it; we are by your side the entire day during some of the most emotional filled moments; we have to be the perfect fit so you feel at ease and confident in us. I am open to being very involved in my clients planning process, as we create your wedding time-line, we have an open line of communication at all times and we love referring our talented friendors (friends that are vendors) to ensure we are all providing the client with a elevated experience.  

What attracts couples to your business?

Kathy: My couples are crazy in love and have a desire to celebrate love in the biggest way possible. I know this to be true because I was that bride, and I believe in the law of attraction. Like myself my clients celebrate their union with all their loved ones by their side, in the church they were baptized, at a venue that has special meaning to them, or at an exotic location where they can bring everyone together for a weekend long gathering. My clients value quality and invest in us the way I do in them. Many of my clients have become some of our good friends. My clients love imagery that is filled with candid and emotional moments; the in-between preserved in a timeless (not following the current trends that go-out-of-style) and rich editorial styling from the way it’s captured to the finished edits. My clients also welcome me into their family and many invite me to capture every milestone of their life following their wedding. One thing we have in common is we both believe that our moments and memories deserve to be preserved. 

What are some major trends you’re seeing in weddings lately?

Kathy: The newest addition to our services is our Gifyyy Booth (yes you can say GIF or JIF; I believe still debatable). The Gifyyy Booth is a photo booth alternative that is sleek and modern in design that offers your guests a way to interact, be silly and have fun with instant access to the digital file. The Gifyyy Booth is battery operated so it can go anywhere and capture any activity during your event. We even let it fly with us to remote locations!!! 

Thanks so much for sharing all about you + your team today! You can check out more of Kathy Thomas Photography’s work here online and also be sure to follow the latest over on Instagram


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