Jenesis & Zack’s All Weather Engagement Session by Lion & Lark | Nashville Engagement Session

Have you ever thought of having a 3-part or all weather engagement session? This is exactly what Jenesis + Zack did for their Nashville engagement photos by Dixie of Lion & Lark Photography! Living out of state (apart), the couple knew they would make their home-base Nashville after the wedding. So with each trip out to Nashville, the couple decided to create a collection of photos with Lion & Lark. And they captured all the seasons! Their first session was in the snow at sunrise on the Pedestrian Bridge, the second was in the rain a la The Notebook style. And the third session was a sunny spring day complete with their pup! Take a look at their super fun sessions below!

From the photographer, Dixie of Lion & Lark: Jenesis was working as a resident at Vanderbilt; Zack was finishing up his law degree- 900 miles away in Miami, FL. These two were making long distance work. But when the time came and they got engaged, they knew they wanted to celebrate the future promise of a new home- together- in Nashville. So they reached out to see if they could celebrate in more than one season! I loved the idea, so we planned a wintery session (so outside the norm for these two south Floridians) and another warmer session for the spring. 

From the photographer, Dixie of Lion & Lark: Well, who could have predicted that the winter session would take place on one of the coldest days all winter long in Nashville? But timing had to line up with a day Zack would be in town, so we bundled up and headed to the downtown pedestrian bridge at sunrise. The warm light made all our freezing fingers worth it. But we were happy to step into the cozy, coffee-scented air at Crema for the second half of the session. Plus, the cold outside made for extra cuddly feelings. Afterward, we said goodbye until the springtime.

From the photographer, Dixie of Lion & Lark: The next time we met up at an east Nashville park, Jenesis wearing a beautiful black maxi dress and Zack in a suit. Not 5 minutes into the session, it started to pour. April showers, I suppose. Halfway back to the car, we were all soaked, and I asked whether they wanted any Notebook-style rain pictures. We were already wet, right? So we shot in the rain and created some of my all-time personal favorites. But we weren’t through yet.

From the photographer, Dixie or Lion & Lark: Determined to get those golden hour spring pictures, we met one more time, and this time was the charm. The light and temperature couldn’t have been any more perfect for the adventurous couple who had taken inclement weather in stride. This time, they brought along their rescue pup- a greyhound who added an extra feeling of family. 

I loved capturing these sessions showing love in all seasons, and I loved that Jenesis and Zack took the celebration of their time together and their engagement seriously enough to have three separate sessions. 

Wow – Dixie! I love the 3 part shoot idea so much, and it made for an epic all weather engagement session! Thank you for sharing these beautiful Nashville engagement photos with us today! You can find more on Lion & Lark Photography online here: And also check out Dixie’s latest work on Instagram!


Lion & Lark/CREMA