Clayton + Jacob's Waterfall Engagement Shoot by Abigail Lauren Photography

If you venture just past Nashville for an hour or two, you will find some pretty incredible hiking spots! From waterfalls to cliffs and more, Tennessee's got you covered in the nature department. And when it comes to shooting your engagement photos, the options are endless! When I saw Clayton + Jacob's engagement photos at Cummins Falls… literally standing in the waterfall, my heart skipped a beat. For a couple to be this daring in their engagement photos (no, this is not a styled shoot, these are their actual engagement photos!) is a rare find and I just had to ask Abi of Abigail Lauren Photography to share them with you all on Nashville Bride Guide. Plus, Clayton's gorgeous gowns cascading into the water are just a phenomenal wonder! Jumping into the cold January water was not the easiest thing for this couple to do, but I'm so glad they did in order to capture these incredible moments. Check out our interview with Clayton below along with all of Abi's stunning photos! 


Clayton + Jacob

Cummins Falls Engagement Shoot

Photographer | Abigail Lauren Photography

Flowers | A Village of Flowers

Dresses | Mimi & Dottie, BCBG, A'gaci


Tell us about your engagement session. Where did it take place? Was there significance behind the location?

Clayton: I had actually never been to Cummins Falls. Abi's initial plan was to go to Fall Creek Falls since she had been wanting to shoot at a waterfall and Jacob and I were hoping for a more outdoors-y location. Cummins turned out to be more convenient.

How did you come up with the concept and what was it like working with your photographer?

Clayton: It was all Abi! She envisioned every aspect of the shoot, and even sent me pictures of examples of what to wear. The bouquet was her idea, as was the location. She and I grew up together, so shooting with her feels a lot like hanging out! Regardless though, she has a knack for making shoots feel comfortable and laid back and fun – even if her subjects are hiking in dress clothes in the rain!

Your dresses are gorgeous! Where did you get them? And Village of Flowers did your bouquet, correct?

Clayton: Thank you!! The colorful two-piece dress was from a store called A'gaci. The deep purple dress was BCBG, and the white one was from Mimi & Dottie in Downtown Franklin. And yes, Abi worked with A Village of Flowers to get the bouquet!

What did you like most about the session? Were you anticipating jumping in the water?

Clayton: I honestly thought the setting of the shoot made it fun! The hiking, despite all the gear we were carrying, was something I would have liked to do anyway. As far as jumping in the water, I thought it might happen, but Jacob was not expecting it and particularly hates cold water. Which is why I picked up Taco Bell for him on the way and had it as bribery!

How did you get engaged?  Tell us about your proposal: 

Clayton: Jacob and I have a tradition of making day trips to the beach, since we go to school just a couple hours from some of our favorite spots. During our fall break, we decided to go spend the day on 30A. We hung out in Seaside, got lunch and went to our favorite bookstore. We decided to go to dinner at Havana in Rosemary Beach. Little did I know, he had already reserved a private table on the roof with a view of the ocean! But he didn't propose until after dinner when we walked back down to the beach!

What have you most enjoyed about being engaged?

Clayton: Honestly the way that friends and family have come together to celebrate and make things happen for the wedding has been incredible. We have been so grateful for the support, and are just excited for what's next!

What’s your wedding style?

Clayton: I think Bohemian with some traditional elements. We're getting married at Riverwood Mansion, which definitely has some traditional Southern elements. The inside of the mansion is so unique though, and the outside spaces are amazing, so I think the bohemian feel that I like will fit the venue well!

Is there anything else you'd like to share with NBG readers?

Clayton: Book Abi Lewis. Promise you won't regret it!

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos with us, Abi, Clayton and Jacob! You can check out more of Abi's work on her webite here and on Instagram @abiroad95



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