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Adding character to the every day wedding reception decor, Nashville’s tabletop rental boutique, The Wedding Plate, has added new vintage pieces to their barware collection. With various ways to use the decor for your wedding day, the possibilities are endless! Lisa of The Wedding Plate is sharing more about the pieces they’ve added and how you can incorporate them for your wedding needs. Check out the interview with her below and see photos of some of the vintage decor!

What made you decide to start adding barware to your vintage china collection?

Lisa: Originally we wanted to stick with just our china collections and our goblets, but as we continued to collect, we found a lot of barware options that we just couldn’t pass up! We had seen need for it previously, but never chose to start collecting, until now! 

What type of pieces are in the barware collection and how many do you carry of each piece?

Lisa: We have loads of different pieces for any kind of bar you could ever want! We have over 1,000 old fashioned glasses, which are great for a very standard cocktail. We have about 500 champagne coupes (so Gatsby!), 500 high ball glasses, tons of Derby glasses, punch cups, and bar accessories of course!

What type of couple would love to rent your barware for their wedding?

Lisa: Honestly, our bar glasses can be for anyone! At my daughter’s wedding, we ended up having a champagne toast. So, we used the champagne coupes, but we also had the option of  sparkling cider, so everyone could enjoy the beautiful glasses! Barware isn’t just for the couple that drinks or wants to have a bar. We encourage the use of our barware for not just the obvious.

What are some creative ways to use the barware at a wedding?

Lisa: The great thing about barware is that it can be used for just about any drink. I love using our barware for signature bride and groom cocktails. You could even use our high ball glasses to go with a bloody mary bar – perfect for any shower! You can use the coupes to serve parfaits in, the Derby glasses to add that extra “oomph” to a Derby party, use our high ball glasses for sodas and waters, and more! In San Diego, there is a bar called Polite Provisions. There, they are known for their punchbowl cocktails! It is an original and fun way to serve premixed drinks. We really love when couples choose to try this, because it is so fun an unconventional, but leaves everyone talking! 

Are there any signature drinks that would fit well with certain styles of your barware?

Lisa: We recommend having old fashioned glasses at any bar. They are perfect for margaritas, anything that is “on the rocks”, and old fashioned. Our high ball glasses are a great option for beer, but can also be used for drinks with a larger soda to alcohol ratio such as Mojitos, Tom Collins, and Long Island Ice Teas. Our coupes pair perfectly with champagne and our Derby Glasses are ideal for Mint Juleps.

Are there any pieces within the collection that have a significant history?

Lisa: Our old fashioned glasses are so fun and interesting and date back to the 50’s and 60’s. Most of them have a gold rim around the top, or gold accents (very Mad Men!). Our Derby Glasses have been collected from the Kentucky Derby since the 60’s all the way up to present day, so it’s fun to see the style of the year illustrated on a glass. 

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the vintage barware collection?

Lisa: Vintage doesn’t just mean “old.” We like to think that it means “character.” Glasses are no longer made like they used to be. Years ago, barware was much more for show than the typical minimalistic style we have today. The barware isn’t only beautiful to drink out of, but to photograph, which is why they would make a perfect addition to any wedding, shower, or party!

Love these ideas, Lisa and the barware is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! Brides, what are you waiting for?! If you’re looking to up your wedding reception decor, be sure to check out The Wedding Plate!


The Wedding Plate/Melanie Grady/Daniel Christopher/Eden Ingle/Kathy Thomas Photography

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