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Brooke + Justin’s 1920s-inspired, Modern Gatsby-esque Wedding Cake By Signature Cakes By Vicki | Nashville

Brooke and Justin’s Great Gatsby themed wedding was accented perfectly by the picturesque East Ivy Mansion location and the regal wedding cake creation by Signature Cakes by Vicki. Their wedding cake exuded royalty and embodied all that we cherish from the 1920s: unrestrained creativity, style, and over-the-top opulence. Sign me up please!

Brooke + Justin

Wedding Date: August 15, 2015

Wedding Location: East Ivy Mansion

What was the vision for your wedding?

We were going for a 1920s-inspired, modern Gatsby-esque outdoor wedding

How did you find Signature Cakes?

Signature Cakes was recommended to me by the venue, but I had already pulled several tear sheets of signature cake designs from some local magazines. So Signature Cakes was one of my top choices already.

What inspired your cake? 

We wanted to have a cake that matched our theme and venue with a nod to the ’20s and all of the opulence of that era. We made it a bit more unique and modern by using diamond and silver tones instead of the typical 1920s gold.

How did you approach the design for your wedding cake?  Did you take pictures to Vicki or did you meet with her and answer questions about your dress, etc? 

We met with Vicki and gave her a direction and a color scheme. Vicki created a sketch for us with a general plan and gave me the option of having her supply the brooches we needed or selecting them myself. Being an interior designer, I liked the idea of hand-selecting the jewel embellishments. I gave Vicki plenty to choose from and let her choose which brooches she wanted to use.  With someone that artistic and talented, I felt it best to let her have free reign and it turned out fabulously.

What did you want most from your cake?  Great design, taste? Specific details? 

Going into the cake meeting with Vicki, think I was more concerned about the Gatsby design while my husband was going to be more particular about the taste. However once we tasted the delicious options available I became a lot more excited about choosing the flavor of our cake.

What surprised you about the experience of designing your cake? 

Vicki provided awesome cupcakes for us to choose our flavors and we felt confident about that. She also drew us a rough sketch of the plan. When we left, I was a little unsure of how it would come together, but based on seeing her other cakes, I was confident she would produce an excellent product for our wedding day. We felt that Vicki, being the artist she is, would appreciate not being micro-managed and would take our vision and manifest it into a beautiful cake that would be perfect for our day. She exceeded all expectations. 

The only regret we had was that we were going to use my parents’ cake stand and therefore we told Vicki we would not need one of hers.  We forgot to bring the cake stand from Memphis so the cake sat directly on the cake table without a base.  But if that’s the worst mishap on our wedding day, I’ll take it!

It still looked wonderful! We never even What were your cake flavors? Did you have them custom designed or were they standard? 

Justin and I invited both of our parents to the cake tasting. We allowed each couple to choose a flavor, as Vicki allows you to choose up to three different cake flavors. Justin and I chose the cannoli, my parents chose strawberry, and Justin’s parents chose orange creamsicle.

What a great approach to selecting your flavors! What did you like most about your cake? 

The look of the cake was stunning. I gave Vicki the brooches and she used these two diamond encrusted toucan brooches to anchor the diamond band. They looked absolutely amazing.  

As far as the taste of the cake, every piece was eaten by our guests and I was so thankful the caterers saved a couple pieces for sharing with my new husband the day after our wedding. We have the top of the cake in the freezer and I’m so looking forward to digging into that on our first anniversary.

We can’t get enough of this wedding cake design. Thanks so much to Brooke and Justin for sharing their inspiration for their design and to Signature Cakes by Vicki for creating such a stunner! 

Delicious photos provided by: Allen Clark of Life Lens Photography


Signature Cakes by Vicki/Life Lens


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