5 Tips to Help You Plan Ahead and Nail the Cheapest Flights for Your Honeymoon | Nashville Honeymoon - Nashville Bride Guide

5 Tips to Help You Plan Ahead and Nail the Cheapest Flights for Your Honeymoon | Nashville Honeymoon

Yes, we all look forward to our wedding day, but the honeymoon is really where you’ll get to unwind, relax and enjoy being a married couple. Honeymoons can be expensive, but the folks at Sandals Resorts have graciously offered their professional advice on how to book the cheapest flights to your honeymoon destination! When you think of honeymoons, you think of Sandals so we are honored to share their expertise on Nashville Bride Guide! Keep reading to find out more on booking the best flights for your honeymoon!

5 Tips to Help You Plan Ahead and Nail the Cheapest Flights for Your Honeymoon

It’s true: your wedding is one of the most magical days of your life, but what about the honeymoon? Anywhere from a few days to a few weeks of sun, sand, and bliss, it’s the first vacation you go on together as a married couple. While you shouldn’t hesitate to pull out all the stops, honeymoons can get expensive, with the average couple spending nearly $5,000 on their dream trip.

Most of the time, this is due to expensive flights. This can sometimes cut into your honeymoon budget more than you’d like, but there are some ways to plan ahead and nail the cheapest flights. This way, you can do nothing but relax when you get there.

Consider a package deal

One of the easiest and stress-free ways to get cheaper flights is to book a package deal. There are always some tips which seem too good to be true, and this is one of them, but all-inclusive deals give you more bang for your buck than other solutions.

It may seem counterintuitive to prioritize luxury, but various package deals include flights with them. Due to a company’s affiliation with airlines, these flights are sometimes offered at discounted rate. You can also lock in a price for a package deal when you buy, meaning you never need to worry about inflated prices.

You’ll quickly realize that all the planning has been taken care of, you have some delectable cuisine to dine on, and you can take your pick of the best all-inclusive beach resorts. This is all for a fraction of the price (and stress) you’d be paying separately, so sit back and count down the days till your honeymoon arrives.

5 Tips to Help You Plan Ahead and Nail the Cheapest Flights for Your Honeymoon

Search in private mode

You might notice how every time you search for a flight, the price estimate increases. This might be a few dollars here and there, but over time, it adds up. Why is that? You might be asking yourself. Put simply, when you search for a flight, the site sends a cookie to your computer. This means that it can recognize your device when you visit the site again. If you visit more, flight search engines know you’re interested in a flight, and will bump up the price.

It’s cheeky, and yes: it’s a complicated answer, but the result is the same each time. It doesn’t matter which flight search engine you are using, the more you visit, the higher the price climbs. Luckily, there is one very simple solution.

When you are browsing your flight, switch your browser settings to private mode in a few short clicks. This allows you to search for flights, without worrying about those pesky cookies. The best thing about this is that you can use private mode on your mobile device, laptop, or home desktop.

Travel outside peak season

Peak season is always painted out to be the best time to travel. Often, there are promises of warmer weather and more activities. Unfortunately, this time of year also sees flight prices skyrocket. Not just this, but hotel rooms can double in price.

Instead, make the most of shoulder season. This way, you avoid the too-silent lull of low season, but you can usually enjoy a great climate and cheaper flights. In some cases, flight prices can be slashed by up to half, meaning a great saving on your end- especially if you’re planning on traveling long-haul. This is also a secret which couples swear by when they want to escape the bustling crowds and have their destination to themselves.

The trick here is to make sure you know when shoulder season is for the location you’re flying to. It differs everywhere, so do a quick research about your destination before you start searching for flights.

5 Tips to Help You Plan Ahead and Nail the Cheapest Flights for Your Honeymoon

Try alternative travel routes

When you are planning a honeymoon, it’s natural to want every step of the way planned out in the simplest way possible. The thing is that your wallet will sometimes be paying for that luxury. If you’re more concerned about counting pennies than cutting a few hours out of your travel time, one of the best solutions is to try alternative travel routes.

This blanket term relates to a number of solutions. One of the most popular is sticking to non-direct flights for long-haul destinations. It sometimes means a couple hours layover somewhere else, but it can save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Another great idea is to reconsider the airport you’ll be departing from, or arriving at. For example, flying out of Newark Airport could save you more money than if you depart from JFK. Just make sure you have a transfer organized to make up the distance.

Compare flight search engines

Everyone likes to stick with their favorite flight search engine when they’re comparing the best days to travel. As savvy travelers will agree, one of the best tricks is to compare flight prices on different search engines. Sometimes, the flight price will stay the same, and sometimes there’s a difference that could save you a few dollars.

It requires much more time and effort on your end, but your bank account will be thanking you when you nail that cheap flight. You can also set up flight alerts for your desired flights on each search engine, to save you from spending hours every day checking for price changes.

5 Tips to Help You Plan Ahead and Nail the Cheapest Flights for Your Honeymoon

I want to thank Sandals Resorts so much for offering up their advice on how to nail the cheapest flights for your honeymoon! Start browsing their resorts now for your honeymoon and put their tips into practice to get the most bang for your buck!



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