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Are you Engaged & Anxious?

You’ve got the partner of your dreams and a ring on your finger…you’re engaged! While super exciting sometimes there can be a plethora of emotions to sort through that come with this next big step. Are you engaged and anxious?! If you’re feeling anything less than confident when you think about walking down the aisle, you’re not alone! Gina, Engagement Anxiety Coach is here to help! She’s sharing more on this topic along with how she can offer a safe space for you and how to know if you actually have engagement anxiety. Ready to turn that doubt into confidence? Keep on reading to find out the details!

Gina: Hello! I’m Gina and I’m an Engagement Anxiety Coach. I started Engaged And Anxious this past summer after realizing how many women were reading my blog post on engagement anxiety and reaching out. I got married about 4 years ago and went through horrible anxiety leading up to my wedding. I struggled with intrusive thoughts like “What if I’m Making a Mistake?” “Is He The One?” “How Do I know I’m Making the Right Decision?” After doing the inner work I was able to go through my wedding and am happily married today. A couple years ago I decided to write about my experience leading up to my wedding and it is one of the most visited blog posts I’ve written with hundreds of women from all over the world finding it. After several reached out for help, I knew I had to do more, so I started Engaged and Anxious. This is a safe space for women who just got engaged and are starting to have doubts and anxieties about making this big life decision, but who know deep down they love their partner and want to get married. We work together through my resources and offerings so that they can walk down the aisle calmly and confidently.

Gina: Right now I have a couple offerings. The first is a free quiz to tell you if you could be experiencing engagement anxiety. This is a great starting point if you’re having doubts and anxious feelings after getting engaged but you’re not sure where to begin. Then, I have a digital guidebook that is a guided journal that really helps you pinpoint the root cause of why you’re experiencing this anxiety. Most women think it’s their partner, but most of the time it’s actually a deeply rooted issue that needs to be addressed and has nothing to do with their partner at all. To dig deeper I just launched my Engaged and Anxious Digital Course, which really dives into exercises, prompts, and ways to heal this anxiety and work through it. It is self guided so you can do it at your own pace and I recommend starting it so that you have about 3 weeks to complete it (although you can totally binge it too!). This is for the women who know they definitely want to get married without anxiety and really need all the resources to get through these anxious feelings. Lastly, if anyone needs some extra personalized attention, I offer 1:1 coaching calls to talk things through and be a safe space to talk about their thoughts. I know how hard it was when I was doubting my relationship to find someone who truly understood and didn’t tell me to call it off. So I want to be that safe space for women who need some reassurance from someone who went through the same thing. There isn’t a ton of information or help on this topic, but I know that there is such a need for someone to be in this space. I do believe I went through my own engagement anxiety to help others, so I’m happy to do what I can to help other women have happy marriages too.

Thanks so much for sharing Gina!

If you think you may be engaged and anxious or are curious if you do in fact have engagement anxiety, take Gina’s free quiz and reach out to her for help!


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