A Modern Foraged Styled Shoot by Music City Events at Humphrey Street

After creating a high school club to help get more students engaged in activities, Humphreys Street Coffee was born. This modern space sparked interest amongst those in the wedding industry and it’s easy to see why. With greenery, fruit, and terra cotta vibes, Lindsy and Heather of Music City Events transformed the venue into a summer harvest for the venue’s debut party, showcasing rehearsal dinner decor inspiration and how to utilize the area for your wedding ceremony and reception. You’re bound to be inspired by these photos captured by CK Photos. Keep scrolling to see our favorites below and learn more about the inspiration behind this styled shoot!

Tell us about the shoot vision.

Heather + Lindsy: In 2008, Harvest Hands was co-founded by Brian and Courtney Hicks when they noticed a decline in high school students who wanted to participate in traditional after school programming. In an effort to encourage students to engage in mentoring opportunities, Brian and Courtney decided to create a small business and hire students. Students gained access to local jobs, mentoring, and empowerment all at once. Humphreys Street Coffee & Soap was born. In 2018, Humphreys Street opened its first brick and mortar coffee shop, which is expected to double the number of students Humphreys Street can employ by 2021. The shop is a beautifully repurposed church located in the Houston-Wedgewood neighborhood at 424 Humphreys Street in Nashville.

After creating such a beautiful space, it’s no surprise that the space was being inquired for events. Humphreys Street saw an opportunity to teach their students about the Nashville event industry and share their space for intimate weddings and corporate events. They asked Music City Events to style the space for them, to have content for collateral materials. We, Heather Prince and Lindsy Read, were up for the challenge and realized that a styled shoot and Venue Debut Party for event industry professionals would be a perfect way to launch this space. If you’re going to decorate it, might as well!

What was the theme and what inspired it?

Heather + Lindsy: The theme was summer harvest! We played with the fruit-as-centerpiece trend and the name of parent company of Humphreys Street, which is “Harvest Hands”. We wanted it to feel like a modern indoor garden party with a bountiful harvest on the head table as well as a beautiful and DELICIOUS grazing table by Clean Plate Club. We wanted it to feel like a bountiful, beautiful harvest of all the best things! 

What details were used to create the theme?

Heather + Lindsy: The space is so bright and beautiful, we wanted to keep that bright and fresh vibe with greenery, fruit, white, pale pink, terra cotta and fern green.

Can you share any special moments or highlights of the day?

Heather + Lindsy: Some of the branches we had weren’t quite right so we foraged from the alleys nearby for the perfect, “viney” look we wanted. 

Were there any special requests or unique challenges that you had to work together to overcome?

Heather + Lindsy: Our florist had an emergency as the caretaker for a friend, and we found out during set-up that she would not make it. While our vision for the night included beautiful blooms and beautiful brass candle holders, to be provided and styled by a florist, we kicked into action! We borrowed candles and brass objects from the event’s caterer, Clean Plate Club — which is next door! — and made it happen! We are sad for our florist friend but are thrilled with the result that our entire vendor team created.

This is hands down one of the trendiest, yet timeless atmospheres we have ever seen. And the fact that it’s a coffee shop — so much YES! Thanks so much to Heather and Lindsy of Music City Events for sharing their amazing design inspiration for this styled shoot at Humphreys Street! We are constantly inspired by your creativity!

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