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Nashville rehearsal dinner space renovations featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Mere Bulles’ New Renovated Space: Take a Tour!

  • It was time for Mere Bulles to change our look and update a few key components of the restaurant. While taking pride in being part of historic Maryland Farms, we also want to keep the restaurant’s atmosphere exciting and updated.
  • The Owner Steven Smithing  worked diligently with two designers in order to make the atmosphere more contemporary.
  • Almost everything is new! The original hardwood flooring is the only thing that has stayed the same. We have new lights, carpet, paint on ceilings and walls, chairs, bar features, drapes, curtains and more! 
  • The atmosphere will seem more elegant but the amazing food and service will remain the same.  
  • The walls are now a cream color with a patterned wash while they ceilings are now a blue accent color. The ceilings and the walls all use to be brown but now that they have changed from that it really has made the place open up and seem larger in certain areas.  The new light fixtures are Art Deco style which really adds an elegant feel to each space. The carpet is a beautiful combination of silver, dark gray and blue. The new chairs do not have a pattern on the cushion like they use to but now have more of a leather feel and are a solid burnt orange color.  The new chairs are more sturdy and will be more comfortable for the guests as well as go with more colors for special events. The bar is going from a heavy dark wood to a white marble and gold accent contemporary look.  Every last detail has been thought of and accounted for making any of the 8 rooms a perfect place to hold special events.
  • Certain aspects of the restaurant were starting to look dated but that has all changed. This renovation has been in the works for quite some time and we believe that it will make every guests experience more enjoyable. Please come check it out for your self! 

How to Create the Best Rehearsal Dinner Bar Experience for Your Guests from Mere Bulles | Nashville

Celebrating with guests at your wedding rehearsal dinner is such a fun way to kick off an exciting weekend. Whether you’re opting for a formal rehearsal dinner or a more laid-back approach, it’s a good idea to incorporate a great bar experience. There are various ways to do this and lucky for you, we have some experts who are here to help! With different bar packages to choose from, Caty of Mere Bulles is sharing all about how you can create the best rehearsal dinner bar experience for you and your guests! Keep scrolling to read the interview below.

Modern Rustic Rehearsal Dinner

Transforming the urban space of 618 Ewing into a romantic modern rustic atmosphere, Ashlyn and Clay held their Nashville rehearsal dinner, celebrating their upcoming wedding day with friends and family. As lovers of the outdoors, their decor was a stunning representation of the two as a couple and brought together perfectly with the help of Sarah from Regalo Design. Maggie of Maggie Reade Photography was there to capture all the beautiful moments and shared with us details about this couple and this day. Keep reading to find out more!