Our Favorite Mother of the Bride Moments

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and we are all about celebrating moms here! So whether she’s a Mother of the Bride, or the one getting married, moms are special all around! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite mom wedding moments on Nashville Bride Guide over the years!

Moms Getting Married

Jennifer Cody

Ericka: I always thought I would never be able to get married because I was a single mother. For the longest time I wished for a good man to come in our lives, so that I could give my son a family and a father figure. Then, one day I met Mario and since then he has given us that and more! That’s why, to me, it meant the world to walk down the aisle with my son, because for longest it was just him and me alone. I can’t even begin to explain what it felt like to walk down the aisle, next to my son, heading towards the man we always hoped for.  

A Mom Crowning Her Princess

Akia & Co.

AuBrey: Our family and friends helped to make this day go by without a hitch. The love in the room was abundant. The biggest compliment we received is that we made our guests feel welcomed and at home. Above all, we (the bride and groom) smiled the entire time and our hearts were full!  It is a day we could relive over and over!

Wedding Hugs from Grandma

Zoe Life

From Zoe Life Photography: No bride wants it to rain her wedding day, but the couple made the best of it. After their wedding ceremony at the church, the wedding party and photographer headed over to the Bicentennial Mall, where we captured wedding party photos and bride and groom portraits under a light drizzle of rain. 

Mom Lacing Up Wedding Dress

Mandy Liz

From the bride, KaleighSpending time with your bridesmaids and close family and friends while getting ready/doing whatever the day of the wedding was honestly the greatest. We also did a first look, because Seth is a super emotional guy. He cried for a solid 10 minutes while we did our first look.

Mother of the Bride Smiles

Eliza Kennard

Darby: We wanted it to be our closest friends and family. And all we wanted was to have a good time and for it to be a night we would always remember!

Moms with Attention to Wedding Details

John Myers

Brandice: We thought it would be fun to celebrate our special day with an amazing rooftop view of the city and dance the night away with our close friends and family.

We hope you enjoy spending time with your mom (or being a mom) this Mother’s Day! We love these Mother of the Bride moments and we wish you all the best on your wedding day!


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