Darcie + Jacob’s Organic, Sweet Winery Wedding | Nashville

Oh for the love of a fall wedding in Nashville. This couple Darcie + Jacob knew they wanted unique food and gorgeous photography on their wedding day, and that’s exactly what they got! From the beginning of their relationship via a dating app, all the way to their wedding day proved to be one for the books. The fall vibes at Arrington Vineyards gave way to all the cool details like the greenery centerpieces to the handmade signage. Even Jacob got teary-eyed during their first look! Lindsay Campbell photographed it all – and you can see their photos from their fall wedding in Nashville and interview with Darcie below!

Darcie + Jacob

Arrington Vineyards


How did you meet?

Darcie: We met through a dating app that supposedly connects people through mutual friends, but we had no mutual friends! The best we can tell, we were connected through friends of friends.

What is your proposal story?

Darcie: Jacob proposed in a garden in a park where we like to walk regularly. It was August, and all the flowers were gone except for a bright red begonia in an urn. The flower beds were being weeded and were only half completed. He pointed out that the garden “in progress” was a good picture of our relationship. Our story was not a fairy tale, but one of real love and growing together through becoming better versions of ourselves.

Tell us a little bit about your wedding!

Darcie: I’ve always wanted an outdoor fall wedding. Making it happen in the same year meant a short planning schedule, but it came together! Knowing what colors and styles I liked and wanted helped a lot. I’ve always been drawn to warm colors and a mix of bohemian and modern. Ever since I first visited the Stone House at Arrington (to do yoga on the lawn), I knew it was a special spot. The fact that they include the setup for a ceremony and reception sealed the deal. I wanted sweet and simple, with the focus on creating a romantic and relaxing atmosphere for our guests, beautiful photos, and memorable moments.

What were your favorite parts of the day?

Darcie: Our fall wedding in Nashville had this amazing feeling of love, like a giant veil covering us and everyone involved. We attribute this to God and the fact that our community knew our story and we’re truly happy to celebrate with us what God had done in our lives. All the details came together, it felt calm and peaceful, and it just felt like everyone was truly present in the moment. I’ve never felt so provided for in my life. The best was walking into the tent for the reception and receiving a standing ovation with yells of joy. It brings tears to my eyes to remember how happy our loved ones were for us.

A funny story that happened during the ceremony: we knew we might be interrupted by a train that ran nearby. We’d made a plan for that. Sure enough, the train whistle blew in the distance right as Jacob was about to say his vows. We paused and waited for the train to pass, which took about a minute. It was a great time to take in the view of the vineyard and the flowers on the arbor. Our pastor joked that it gave Jacob time to be sure he wanted to say his vows!

What was most important to the two of you while planning?

Darcie: Photography was a top priority and a splurge. Having done some photography myself, I knew I wanted a specific look and feel to the photos, and I wanted to feel comfortable and have fun. When I found Lindsay’s website, I felt like I’d found a kindred spirit. Each meeting with her and Tyler confirmed that, and now we don’t know how we could have chosen a more perfect photographer for the day. They made the day fun, relaxed, creative, and joyful.

We also knew we wanted a delicious dinner. Gathering together over food has been a big part of our relationship and community, so that was a must. Dough Box ticked all the boxes for me: delicious pizza (one of my favorite foods), family-run, a quirky visual element (hello, 900-lb pizza oven on a truck!), the smell of wood-burning (my favorite smell), and the right price.

Describe any personalized details from the day!

Darcie: My mom taught herself how to use a decal machine in order to make all our signs. We’ve always been a DIY family, so it meant a lot to me to create things myself and include items made by my family and friends. My dad, stepdad, and uncle teamed up to put our arbor together and made sure it wouldn’t blow over. I enjoyed putting together the lanterns and candles and planning the tablescapes. I made the seating charts and tied ribbons on the blankets we provided for guests (a Pinterest idea that was a hit!). I sourced all the decor myself except for some tablecloths, and I loved the creative process.

Do you have any advice for couples planning their wedding now?

Darcie: Figure out your top 2 priorities early, for your budget and your sanity! Trust that the rest will come together as you do what you can day by day. Have a day-of coordinator at the very least. Megan helped with details in the last few weeks of planning, shared discounts on decor, downloaded her knowledge about what’s normal and what’s not, and most importantly, she made the day run incredibly smoothly. You want that for yourselves and your loved ones. Enjoying all the moments leading up to the day might not be realistic (have people who can help you adjust your expectations!), but on the day, be present and soak in every minute. Take time to yourselves off to the side. Talk to and hug the people you want to visit with. Go with your gut! That is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Amazing! Thank you so much to Lindsay Campbell Photography for sharing this beautiful fall wedding in Nashville with us today! You can also check her out on Instagram for the latest!


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