Brasspenny Photography Cannery Ballroom Wedding

Clean & Modern Wedding at Cannery Ballroom from Premier W.E.D.

Fine lines and elegant details came together for Haylie and Chandler’s clean and modern wedding at Cannery Ballroom. With the help of Dawn of Premier W.E.D. their swoon-worthy vision became a reality with tons of natural greenery, romantic lighting, touches of velvet, and gold accents; all as if they were in an enchanting fairytale. But don’t just take our word for it. See these photos by Brasspenny Photography for yourself! You’re bound to be obsessed!

Haylie + Chandler

Cannery Ballroom

Guests ~ 225

How did you guys meet?

Haylie: We are both Nashville natives! We actually went to high school right next door to each other. He went to FRA and I went to Overton. We always knew of each other because of my now sister-in-law Hunter Premo. She has been with his brother since high school. She officially introduced us when I moved back from Chattanooga and I started working for her mom Melissa at Parlour 3. We went on our first date on a Saturday and Sunday I spent Easter with his family! We’ve been together ever since!

Tell us about your engagement!

Haylie: Chandler could barely hold it in any longer. It seems like every time we talked it was his spilling that he had gone to the jewelers or trying to tell me what he had picked out. He was so excited. We had always talked about whenever we get engaged we want to have a party the next day to celebrate so in my mind I thought he would propose on a Saturday so we could party on Sunday. So when a Saturday would pass without a proposal I would write that weekend off. Well, Sunday January 13th, was my birthday and we didn’t have much planned. We threw out ideas and ended up getting a drink with our best friends (who were holding a secret the whole time) “. We had dinner reservations at Kayne Prime that night and I swear we were there for maybe 30 minutes because Chan inhaled his food. We got home to his parents house and to my surprise he had the lanai deck lined with candles and photos of us from the past 3 years strung from the ceiling. He got down on one knee and I think got out the words “you know I love you right?!” And of course I said yes! Our parents and siblings popped out with excitement and his brother Cameron hiding behind the wall taking pictures. We actually had a party Monday night to celebrate with all our friends and family! So he definitely tricked me.

What was the vision for your wedding?

Haylie: Clean. I wanted everything to be light, bright, and airy. I’ve always wanted an outdoor wedding but I’m terrified it would rain so I told Dawn I wanted the outdoors to come inside! I wanted natural greenery with Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling and touches of gold.

What was your theme and what inspired it?

Haylie: Natural Modern? I like clean lines with touches of raw and natural. I wanted it to feel elegant but not stiff.

What details were used to create your theme?

Haylie: I wanted the majority to be white and clean. Greenery was placed everywhere! Hanging off the entrances, the tables, and even the photo wall! All of the accents were gold. We also had velvet couches for extra seating.

Where did you splurge? Where did you save/DIY?

Haylie: Chandler and I knew that the band and the food were most important to us. We were fine spending more money there. Of course I wanted beautiful flower and Caprice at Enchanted did an absolutely stunning job.

What was it like working with Premier W.E.D.?

Haylie: Dawn is exceptional! She listened to every detail I said. She had mood boards and details all laid out for me every step of the way. I really felt as if I was informed entirely during the whole process. I can’t express enough how smoothly the day of the wedding went as well. Every single detail was taken care of down to who had the hotel key and where our bags were at the end of the night. Her team made sure we were treated like royals. Icing on the cake was that she had Taco Bell waiting for us in our getaway car!!

What words of advice do you have for couples in the midst of their planning?

Haylie: Don’t skimp on things that truly matter to you. Chandler and I were very adamant about not seeing each other before I walked down the aisle. We knew this would throw off timing of a lot of different things, but looking back I’m so glad we have that moment.

Can you share any special moments or highlights from your wedding day?

Haylie: Honestly I can’t single out a few things! Our day was truly magical and the most blissful day of my life. I can’t imagine it going any smoother. We genuinely had the time of our lives. I will have to say our band provided a party and that is a vivid memory of mine.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your wedding?

Haylie: We are so grateful that we got to have the wedding we did especially in today’s world and we do not take that for granted. I hope every single bride feels the same way I did on their wedding as I did no matter how big or small it may be.

Absolutely gorgeous!! Huge thanks to this beautiful couple for sharing your day with us!

If you’re a fan of Haylie and Chandler’s clean and modern wedding at Cannery Ballroom, be sure to check out more of Premier W.E.D.’s work on their website and Instagram!

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