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Have you heard of the term “Bridal Christmas”? If you’re like me and have not heard about this, then you’re glad we have Randi Barksdale of Jet Set Planning (who provides Nashville wedding planning services) here to give us all the scoop! We’re in the thick of holiday season and lots of engagements are about to happen… but what does this correlation have to do with “Bridal Christmas”? Without further ado, let’s give Randi the spotlight to shine a light on this wintery-fun topic!

Hey ya’ll! I (Randi of Jet Set Planning) want to tell you about my most favorite time of the year… CHRISTMAS. There is something so magical about Christmas joy, and let’s not forget that everyone you know seems to be a little jollier. From Christmas caroling, hometown parades to board games with your grandma, this truly is the most wonderful time to spend with your loved ones.

With that being said, it also can be the craziest time to either get engaged or to be engaged. Let me educate you on the term, “Bridal Christmas”. Bridal Christmas is where your cousin, best friend’s ex-boyfriend and you could all get engaged. There is NOTHING wrong with getting engaged during one of the most cheerful times of the year, but please baby girl, don’t go insane. The con to getting engaged during this time is everyone you are sharing an engagement season with. If you are okay to share your happy and exciting time with half the country, then jump on the bandwagon… I promise it is a good one to be on! The pro is having all of your family and friends around. This is where I want to get real with you all and to focus on what this season means to you.

I always ask my clients who get engaged during this season, what is the memory they both have made together during this holiday season. In my opinion, this time of the year needs to focus on making memories with your friends and family, but most importantly – each other. Don’t let getting engaged make you go cray cray. Leave the venue selection, cake choices and color schemes for January.

The best advice I can give you as a couple is to try to plan a small getaway during the holiday season. Not a lot of places are booked this time of year because everyone is with their family and friends. Imagine staying in a bed and breakfast with Christmas decorations all around. Does cuddling up with your fiancé as you sit by the fire and stare at your beautiful ring sound lovely to you? Close your eyes and imagine taking a break from life for a moment with the one you love the most.

So toast your champagne as you are in your bed and breakfast robe, because this is what bridal Christmas should look like. It is the time for all couples to enjoy what matters most, and that is each other.

Randi! Thank you so much for dropping some knowledge on us today and sharing all about Bridal Christmas with us! I know I learned a lot! You can check out more of Randi’s Nashville wedding planning services on her site here: Jet Set Planning. You can also follow the latest (including her baby bump updates!) here on Instagram!


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