Music City Events Launches A Virtual Wedding Planner Service To Help Nashville Brides Of All Budgets

How did the virtual planning service come about?

It is our belief that all brides need the help of a professional wedding planner, but we understand that realistically, not all brides can afford that! Many brides may also have wonderful friends and family that can provide some hands on assistance but they have little to no experience in coordinating such a large event!

We want brides of all budgets to have the expert, professional help they need. By providing the Virtual Planner service, we are able to empower brides and their friends or relatives so that they can have a smooth and stress-free event. It also provides a huge relief to their vendors, who can focus on the product and service they are providing, and not on running the wedding!

What is included in this service?

    •    A customizable schedule for your vendors
    •    Expert advice on delivery timings
    •    Nashville-based timeline on when to plan what!
This package does not include a day-of coordinator. If a bride would like to have our staff on-site, we recommend going with our Little Black Dress package, or one of the full-service planning options we have available.

nashville wedding planner music city events diy, budget

nashville wedding planner music city events diy, budget

How does this service differ from the other packages that you offer?

This option provides and empowers a bride with professional timing for her wedding day schedule AND gives her a Nashville specific timeline of when certain things should be planned (for example: book your photographer before your florist, block hotel rooms before you worry about catering!). This allows the bride to move forward in a smart, efficient manner with a clear task list. In our other available packages, our planners take care of the “leg work” for our brides, and are there on the wedding day to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Do you find that this service is helpful for out of town brides?

It's not as helpful for out of town brides because they do not know the area and do not have as many “in town” friends/family members to assist in executing the day. If you are looking to plan a destination wedding in Nashville, we do offer several full-service options.

What type of bride would this service appeal to most?

This service appeals to the “extreme” DIY bride and to those who simply do not have the budget to spend $1,000+ on coordination!

Are brides using the Virtual Planner package able to talk to a planner in person?

One two hour, in person consultation is provided! We value face-to-face time so we can assist our brides and ensure their questions are answered. Each wedding is a personal expression of the couple, and it is important for us to meet with the brides we are working with to ensure that their wedding day is reflective of their personality and what they are hoping for.

nashville wedding planner music city events diy, budget


If this type of help is what you’re looking for, head over to Music City Event’s website to see how they can help you plan your Nashville wedding! Visit them online at or contact Sarah directly at (615) 807-0813.


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