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Give Your Wedding Guests A Piece Of The City With Uniquely Nashville Wedding Favors

Nashville Themed Gifts

The Anderson Design Group is a great place to get a ton of creatively designed, Nashville-themed gifts.  These exceptional gift options can be anything from posters and puzzles to coasters, coffee tins, and magnets.  The design of all the things at the Anderson Design Group adds a vintage look to your gifts while still keeping your choice notable.  This wonderful shop is located on 29th Avenue North, or gifts can be bought online.

Of course there are many other stores that have Nashville-themed gifts.  They’re a dime a dozen on Broadway, but sticking to the businesses that grew from Nashville, and in turn helped Nashville grow, will not only support the locals, but also give your guests a one-of-a-kind Music City experience they can hold on to for years to come.



Yep!  I’m suggesting candy – chocolates to be exact.  GooGoo Clusters are one of Nashville’s oldest treats and happened to be the first combination candy bar.  These delicious bites of heaven might be small, but they’re definitely worth it, and giving a couple clusters to your guests is definitely full of Nashville spirit!  GooGoo has many other options for gifts like T-shirts, mugs, and much more, but the chocolate is definitely the best.

Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co., a relative newcomer, is another chocolate gift option.  This locally based artisan has been an instant favorite.  

Photo via company's website



Very few people dislike coffee, and if they don’t like the taste, the smell is sure to get them.  Why not treat your guests to their own bag of coffee from local Nashville businesses?  Davis coffee is some of the most aromatic and robust coffee in the area.  Although there are multiple ways to enjoy Davis coffee, you can smell it yourself by venturing into Davis Cookware & Cutlery Shop located on 21st Avenue.  My nose can't help but fall in love with the smell as soon as my foot is in the door, so maybe yours will, too!

If coffee from the Davis vendors isn't what you're looking for, buy a bag from others like Bongo Java or Frothy Monkey and still get a taste of Nashville.  These bags of coffee are not only useful and delicious for your guests or party, but they’re a piece of Nashville everyone will love.  No money wasted here!

Photo via company's website

Nashville Gift Bags

If you wanted to go all out for your guests or wedding party – especially those who aren’t from Nashville – try giving them a few different pieces of the city and create your own gift bag.  Maybe a combination of GooGoo Clusters, a bag of coffee, and a mug plus the coffee tin from the Anderson Design Group is more what you're looking for.  Mix and match to find the perfect combination for your wedding!  Gifts from Nashville can also be found at any of your favorite restaurants or small shops located all around town!  If you and your significant other happened to meet at a specific place in Nashville, why not treat your people to a gift of Nashville and your own history?



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