Two Fat Men Catering: Nashville's Southern Farm to Table Catering Company

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Farm fresh is the way to go when deciding on your wedding catering! And that's exactly what Two Fat Men Catering can provide for your Nashville area wedding! Chef Ed sources the best products from local farms and infuses his food with classic southern style. So whether you're in for a BBQ feast or a fine dining experience, Two Fat Men can really cater to any of your wedding needs! And if you had the chance to attend our Nashville Bride Guide Launch Party back in February, then I really hope you tried their delicious appetizers – especially the chicken + waffle cone tacos! Plus, if you are an ice cream fanatic like me, then Two Fat Men Catering is probably the perfect fit! You can book their ice cream truck for your wedding and serve your guests a signature ice cream flavor! We spoke with Karen from Two Fat Men all about their business, so read below and learn more about their take on wedding food! 

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Tell us about Two Fat Men Catering + how long you've been in business!

Karen: Our owner, Ed Riley has always had a passion for cooking. Raised on a farm in Byrdstown, Tennessee; Ed grew up working the farm and truly lived the term “Farm to Table”. He loved spending time in the kitchen with his mom and grandmother; many of their recipes are still used in our kitchen today. Ed is a self taught Chef; he sleeps, eats, and dreams of new and creative food ideas 24/7. He likes to put a “fat man” spin on southern favorites that he grew up with like our yummy meatloaf and mac & cheese. Our business began over 14 years ago when Chef Ed would meet with his friends on Thursday nights and cook dinner for everyone, featuring a new recipe each week. When the niece of one of the Thursday night members was diagnosed with breast cancer, the group decided to do a fundraiser. Ed catered the food and that is how our Low Country Boil began! We just celebrated our 14th year and raised over $50,000 for Sherry Run.

How did you get started in weddings?

Karen: Word of mouth began circulating around Wilson County about our Low County Boil event and people just started calling wanting to hire us for weddings. And now we caterer over 100 + weddings a year!

What's the philosophy behind Two Fat Men?

Karen: We treat our clients like they are company at our home. We want our guests to leave each event talking about what a great time they had enjoying our food; all with a Two Fat Men touch that makes our food unique and special. We’re proud of our culinary diversity as we take a hands-on approach to all our meals and delight in mixing good old fashioned favorites with new, modern innovative techniques and ideas.

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Photo by Matt Andrews Photography

What are your strengths compared to other caterers?

Karen: Our culinary team first considers each new dish with the question, “What brings about the best flavor, texture and appearance?” Our culinary experts then meticulously refine each recipe. Over time, our menu offerings evolve to suit changing tastes and dining trends. Our dedication to research is why there’s always something fresh on the table at Two Fat Men. We are picky. The best ingredient is one that is hand-selected for freshness and flavor. To make each recipe stand out, we source the finest ingredients from an extensive network of specialty growers and suppliers. We work directly with farmers, and have total confidence that our food is perfectly grown and perfectly fresh. We don't just come into someone's home or venue and put our food out in chafing dishes – we go the extra mile. We blend our food displays to blend with our brides wedding décor. If our bride is decorating with a Great Gatsby theme, our team will display our food using crystal decanters, golden 3-tier stands, mirrors and incorporate white feathers in glass cylinder vases as a focal point. Guests first eat with their eyes so the food display has to be eye appealing. Front of the house catering managers, Debbie Valentine & I, meet with each couple to find out exactly what vision they have for their wedding day and we make it happen. We ask for each couple to schedule a private tasting to ensure we have the perfect menu picked out for their day.

What attracts brides to Two Fat Men Catering?

Karen: Word of mouth is our best advertisement. 90% of our weddings are from a referral. We love it when a father calls and tells us his baby girl is getting married and it won't be a wedding if we don't have the “Fat Man” team there since we catered his 2 older daughters' weddings.

What is the most innovative new trend in wedding catering?

Karen: Ed continues to live and learn about food with constantly reading cookbooks, attending culinary classes and his latest accomplishment, graduating from Penn State Culinary Ice Cream School. He refers to himself as an “artist” with food as his canvas; his passion comes from his soul. Ed is passionate, artistic, caring and humbled that our guests would let us cater their very special event. This has lead to our newest business venture our Two Fat Men Ice Cream Truck. Our brides and grooms love having our ice cream truck at their weddings featuring their very own signature ice cream. Our couples come to the kitchen and spend an afternoon making their own ice cream to serve at their wedding. Not all couples want to dive into the kitchen to make their ice cream, we have many flavors for them to select from. Our best sellers are Madagascar vanilla and salted caramel.

Photo by Abigail Bobo Photography

Thanks for sharing all of the juicy details with us about Two Fat Men Catering, Karen! Be sure to hop on over to their website to learn more about their food + book a tasting! 


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