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Well, well, well… today is my 7th wedding anniversary! I seriously cannot believe 7 years have gone by! My husband Mark (although almost everyone including myself calls him Chico) and I have been together for 11 years total! Thinking back on when we were first dating and looking through old photos of our first summers together, we were such babies! Haha! So today I decided to dig into my archives and share my engagement photos by our dear friend Studio Rigby with you! I wanted to take a deeper look at our engagement photos and share some of my thoughts (7 years later!) with all of you who are taking your photos this summer. Keep scrolling for some rad + artsy photos from 2011 along with my thoughts!

Alyssa + Mark (Chico)

Franklin, TN

February 2011

As a wedding blogger who scans through TONS of engagement photos every week, I have developed an eye for what great engagement photos consist of. For one, they should totally embody the couple’s personality! As for our engagement photos, we were two emo kids (shout out to Chico’s emo hair!) who were huge indie music buffs and really into everything that was trendy and artsy. It’s kind of funny that we chose to pose with an old camera since at the time neither of us were photographers (although I did have a love for vintage items and came home with a rad collection from the flea market every month). It’s sort of crazy to look back on because now my husband has developed a huge love for photography and has taken some pretty incredible photos only within the past year or two! It makes me smile looking back on these photos. In some ways I’m a little embarrassed of our style from back then, but in other ways, I really enjoy having this moment in time captured so we can reminisce on what we were like when we first got engaged. Today, we still love all that is artsy, but our tastes have definitely grown and matured with the trends over the years. We’ve grown together.

Timelessness is something to strive for in your engagement photos! I really think our photos were super trendy for the time. However, we do have a few shots that I would consider classic and timeless among the quirky ones. But with most I want to say to myself, “Why so serious? Cheer up, girl! You’re getting married!” Haha! I see our shoot as more of an editorial type of shoot rather than an engagement shoot, but this is really what we loved in 2011. My husband and my style has definitely mellowed out over the years with having kids and being parents. Our tastes have changed a bit. I always say my heart is torn between dark and moody + light and bright photography (and you can definitely see that in my blog feature aesthetic!), but what I have always loved (and will always love) is something fun, different, and outside of the norm. I think our photos attest to that! 

All in all, I think you can see I had a lot of thoughts looking back our engagement photos! Our love has grown tremendously over the years – especially through our two little ones. Styles have come and gone (just like Chico’s emo hair!), but our love for each other is still ever present. I hope these are some of the thoughts you and your other half will have as well when you look back on your own engagement photos! So cheers to 7 years, let’s have 70 more! 


Studio Rigby

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