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With most weddings comes a bridal shower. And if you’re hosting one for the bride, you want to make it special! So when you’re looking for a bridal shower venue in Nashville, TN, you’ll definitely want to check out Mere Bulles! Mere Bulles can provide a private room with everything you need for a bridal shower. Tables, chairs, linens, food and more! Bring in your own decor and voila, you’ve got a gorgeous shower that will make the bride feel oh-so-lovely! With any bridal shower comes details and a checklist, so we’ve interviewed Mere Bulles on all the ins and outs of bridal shower planning! We are sharing the Ultimate Bridal Shower Checklist. See it all below!

What is the first thing you should do when planning a bridal shower?

Mere Bulles: Make sure you differentiate- is it a bridal shower or a bridesmaids shower? Some people have both events and some only have one, so make sure you know whether you’re giving favors or gifts to guests and/or receiving gifts. This may determine who you invite and if you need extra room for a gift or favor table. Also think about if you would like it to be a lunch or brunch, and what day of the week and time seem to work best for most people.

How far in advance should you start to book a bridal shower venue?

Mere Bulles: Book your venue at least 10-12 weeks in advanced. This should give you enough time to send out invitations, organize floral and decor arrangements and, of course, make sure you’re getting the date you want to host the shower.

How far in advance should you send out bridal shower invitations?

Mere Bulles: You should send out invitations at least 7-8 weeks before the shower. This may seem like a lot of time, but keep in mind guests who may be traveling from out of town or make a request off work.

When should your RSVP deadline be? When does Mere Bulles need your final guest count?

Mere Bulles: Make your deadline two weeks before the bridal shower. This gives you two weeks to make sure you have the correct number of favors, table arrangements and time to make a seating chart, if needed. Mere Bulles does not require a final guest count until three days before, giving you ample time for those last minute guest add ons or cancellations.

Tell us all about the catering process for a bridal shower?

Mere Bulles: Mere Bulles caters everything in house, and able to do anything from a brunch, lunch, buffet or hors d’oeuvres. The type of food you get will depend on the time you start the shower and the formality you would like it. For example, if you’re wanting a more formal shower, choose a sit down lunch and make sure there’s a seat for everyone. For something more casual, throw a mimosa bar into the mix with some high top tables and hors d’oeuvres to get people to mingle and make it more interactive.

Can you give us a sample timeline for the bridal shower? How long should it last?

Mere Bulles: A bridal shower lunch seems to be most popular, starting between 11 and Noon. Having a wine or mimosa bar is a great option to be able to offer guests drinks upon arrival, and let people mingle and trickle in until everyone arrives and then get everyone seated. Take this time to thank everyone for being there that day and throughout the whole wedding process. Eat lunch, play games, and open or pass out gifts at the very end.

Is there a certain day and/or time that works best for a bridal shower?

Mere Bulles: About a month before the wedding on a Saturday afternoon typically works well for most guests. If you want to invite a lot of out of town guests, think about having the shower on the day before the wedding so those people will already be in town, and you can enjoy that day with even more people you love.

Why is Mere Bulles the best place to host a bridal shower in the Nashville area?

Mere Bulles: Mere Bulles is an amazing venue to host your bridal shower not only because of it’s beautiful, southern charm, but our entire staff is here to make this day simple and easy for you. We can accommodate many different times and menu options, while providing all tables, chairs, linens, some centerpiece options and much more. We’ll already have the room set up when you arrive so you can come in and enjoy your shower to the fullest extent!

Thank you guys so much for sharing all about all you can offer as a bridal shower venue in Nashville, TN! You can check out more on Mere Bulles here online and also follow them on Instagram for the latest and greatest! We hope the Ultimate Bridal Shower Checklist was helpful in your planning!


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