The Cupcake Collection, A Favorite Treat At Nashville's Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show

Located in the Historic Germantown neighborhood, The Cupcake Collection is a family-owned bakery that specializes in rich, homemade desserts and unbelievably friendly service!  

Their cupcakes are so popular among the locals that the owners, Mignon Francois & family, recently opened a second location in Donelson.  Even if you're not into the cupcake thing, the Francois family has an entire team waiting to help design and execute your perfect cake at The Wedding Cake Collection cake studio.  

The Cupcake Collection does all sorts of cakes: custom wedding cakes, super fun (and funny) groom's cakes, and even delicious wedding favors for your guests!  The Cupcake Collection was a wonderful addition to the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show, and stopping by their booth was a real treat.  The owner and her employees are so friendly, you feel like you're visiting with old friends.  Brides can expect the same treatment in her shop too, as hugs are usually given away for free with every delicious purchase.


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