The Bride Room Adds Light, Flowing, Feminine Collection: Meet Leanne Marshall!

Our Q&A with The Bride Room 

What is the name of this new designer/line?

The designer's Leanne Marshall. Fun fact: she was the Project Runway winner in 2008! It's been a treat to watch her collection grow and develop over the time since the show.

Why did you chose to feature this line in your store?

In capturing the growing trend of the easier, more casual wedding, we've done our best to ensure that the quality of the gowns remained a true focus for us.  Quality has been the foundation of our business since the beginning… and Leanne is one of the true Indie designers that keeps this focus.  Not only is it a beautiful collection, it is designed and produced right in her New York workspace.

Which Nashville brides will be most attracted to this line?

Leanne has such an easy, soft, ethereal appeal… with a beautiful balance of fashion forward and traditional elements.  There's been a wide range of brides that have been drawn to LAM… from our more traditional – to our more casual, outdoor brides… there's a little bit of something for so many different girls.

Anything else you'd like brides to know?  Its been such a treat to see this trend take hold and watch so many young indie designers develop and thrive… some of which we've watched from their beginnings.  Not to mention, we've found so much creative liberty in styling these gowns… so much room to show true personality in accessories and veiling and jewelry, oh my!


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